The Best Low Carb (Keto-Friendly) Bars

I have to admit. I am a sucker for some dessert after hot beverages like coffee or tea. Keto bars as a product satisfy my cravings but as the keto market matures it’s getting harder to find what’s great. I went to great lengths trying a myriad of different bars to find the best keto bars that have good texture, flavor, and price. Each bar I consider keto should have at most 5g of net carbs and 10g of protein per serving.

Many of the keto bars mentioned in this article are hard to find in the stores. Save yourself some time and order online.


With chocolate enrobing, great taste and texture the chocolate cookie dough flavor takes #1 in my list of the best keto bars. The occasional hard chocolate pieces create a nice crunch. Though stevia and erythritol are being used, somehow the bar doesn’t have the nasty aftertaste I experience with some other keto bars. The biggest downside is the price.

Flavors: Chocolate Cookie Dough, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Coconut

Ingredients: Chicory Root Fiber, Coconut Oil, Whole Egg Powder, Almonds, Unsweetened Chocolate, Milk Protein Isolate, Egg Whites, Prebiotic Dietary Tapioca Fiber, Erythritol, Cocoa Butter, Medium Chain Triglycerides, Cacao Nibs, Gum Acacia, Natural Flavors, Sunflower Lecithin, Sea Salt, Cashews, Purified Stevia Extract, Lo Han Guo.

The crunchiest keto bars I’ve tried. If you want this texture then this is a great option. Fortunately, they are good overall. I find it a little bit oversweetened but it should be fine for the majority of the keto folks.

Flavors: Vanilla Almond and Coco Almond

Ingredients for Coco Almond: almonds, erythritol, inulin (from chicory and/or jerulsem artichoke), cocoa powder, sea salt, guar gum, sunflower lecithin, stevia extract

Ingredients for Vanilla Almond: almonds, erythritol, inulin (from chicory root and/or jerusalem artichoke), vanilla extract, sea salt, guar gum, sunflower lecithin, stevia extract

Don’t pay attention to the bar’s name. They are not brownies, no matter what the company’s founder is saying. Nevertheless, they taste great. Pleasantly chewy with mild to medium flavor strength. Chocolate almond is my favorite flavor, it has nice chocolate notes.

Flavors: Chocolate Almond and Blondie

Ingredients for Chocolate Almond: Prebiotic Fiber, Almond Meal, Almond Butter, Protein Blend (Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Isolate, Sunflower Lecithin), Almonds, Chocolate Chips (unsweetened chocolate, erythritol, inulin, resistant dextrin, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural flavors, stevia, vanilla extract), Cocoa Powder, Erythritol, Sunflower Lecithin, Natural Brownie Flavors, Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Monk Fruit Extract

Unpretentiously packed in vacuum seal bags these bars were probably the first ones hitting the market back in 2012. Still going strong they’ve extended their team and flavors. Every their flavor is recognizable, namely if it says peanut butter then it will yell that at all your taste buds.

They are not my favorite but many people rave about them and I recommend you to give them a try. The keto bars has the shortest ingredients list among all the bars I tried. All ingredients are simple and recognizable without googling them. If you care about the quality of the ingredients, these bars should be your choice.

Flavors: dark chocolate coconut almond, chocolate peanut butter, mint chocolate

Ingredients for Dark Chocolate Almond: Chocolate, Almonds, Coconut, Cocoa pressed with Alkali, Erythritol, Water, Coconut Oil, Salt Stevia.

Ingredients for Chocolate Peanut Butter: Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Coconut, Erythritol, Water, Salt, Stevia.

All the flavors of Dang Bars are vegan and vegetarian-friendly. They might be a lifesaver for those who follow the vegan keto diet.

They are packed with a lot of flavors, especially the lemon flavor. The chocolate sea salt flavor is more on the savory side. The almond vanilla is in the middle.

Dang Bars are drier and crumblier than most of the keto bars but I don’t notice that much if I drink tea with them. On a positive note, this texture differentiates them from the gooey protein bars. If you are tired of those, give Dang Bars a try.

Flavors: Almond Vanilla, Lemon Matcha, Chocolate Sea Salt

Ingredients for Lemon Matcha: Almonds, Chicory Root Fiber, Cocoa Butter, Pea Protein, Pea Protein Crisps (Pea Protein, Rice Flour), Sunflower Seeds, Coconut, Chia Seeds, Natural Flavors, Lemon Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Matcha Green Tea, Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Stevia Extract, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E).

The matcha flavor makes this bar stand out from the rest. The rest of the bar is kind of average with standard keto ingredients. If you are a matcha fan, give it a try.

Flavors: Matcha

Ingredients: Grass-fed Whey Protein Concentrate, Non-GMO Soluble Corn Fiber, Almonds, Almond Butter, Erythritol, Cocoa Butter, 100% Japanese Matcha Powder, Maltitol, Glycerin, Whole Milk Powder, Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavor

Perfect Keto is probably the biggest keto company out there. When they released the first flavor of their keto bars I was excited to try. Though I was reluctant to pay their high price.

You can’t imagine how disappointed I was when I tried them for the first time. The artificial sweetness was overpowering my sensory system. The overall look of the bars was unappealing: with cracks all over the bars and huge chunks of cocoa butter sticking out.

These bars also have one of the lowest Amazon ratings across all the bars I’ve tried. At some point, they reached 2.5 which is a clear indicator of how mediocre they are for some people including me.

More flavors have been released after but I am not willing to repeat my bad expensive experience.

The company stopped selling the bars on Amazon. Their own product page is full of positive reviews. PerfectKeto has also very aggressive marketing. Make your own judgement.

Flavors: Almond Butter Brownie, Lemon Poppyseed, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Almond Butter Brownie Ingredients: Organic Almond Butter, Soluble Tapioca Fiber, Cacao Butter, Collagen Protein, Organic Cocoa, Almonds, Sunflower Lecithin, Organic Coconut Oil, Sea Salt, Natural Flavors, Stevia

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ingredients: Organic Almond Butter, Soluble Tapioca Fiber, Grass Fed Collagen Protein, 100% Cacao, Chocolate Chips, Cacao Butter, Sunflower Lecithin, MCT Oil (derived from Coconut), Organic Vanilla Extract, Natural Flavors, MCT Oil Powder (MCT Oil, Acacia Fiber),Sea Salt, Monk Fruit Extract, Stevia.

Good ingredients, standard price. What can go wrong? They are dense and kind of hard to bite off. When I tried them for the first time these bars had such an overwhelming aftertaste from the sweeteners that everything else didn’t matter and I had to finish them later.

Flavors: Almond Butter Cacao

Ingredients: Almond Butter, Tapioca Fiber, Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate, Cocoa Butter, Chocolate Chips (unsweetened chocolate, erythritol, inulin, stevia extract, organic soy lecithin, vanilla), Natural Cacao Powder, Vegetable Glycerin, Erythritol, Coconut MCT Oil, Stevia Extract.

These have an amazing crunchy texture that is not hard as Stoka Bars but more like Nestle Crunch bars. Chocolate enrobing is great to have. It’s almost like a ketofied candybar. So why they are in the Meh category?

They have a quite long list of the ingredients like standard candy bars have. Some of them are of dubious quality. For example, maltitol, xylitol, tapioca starch, glycerol, oligofructose, gelatin. How can an average consumer be expected to know all these things?

On top of that, they overdid the sweetening part. It tastes so artificial that I can’t eat it.

The last thing in the coffin is the bar’s size. It’s 30 grams whereas most of the other keto bars have at least 40 grams. For me, it sounds like a deceiving tactic to make a customer think that they are cheap when in reality they are not.

Flavors: the flavor has no name

Ingredients: Milk chocolate (with vanilla flavoring added) (maltitol, cocoa butter, dry whole milk, chocolate liquor, soy lecithin, vanilla flavoring), protein crisp (soy protein isolate, tapioca starch, calcium carbonate, salt), erythritol, xylitol, glycerol, oligofructose, lowfat cocoa, whey, gelatin, pea protein, natural and artificial flavoring, salt.

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