Best Nut Butter for Keto Diets

Nut butters are an excellent source of healthy fats and are great for helping people stick to their keto diets.

Nuts are full of protein which helps to build and repair tissue, such as new muscles from all your working out. It also, along with the excessive amount of healthy fats from nuts, gives you more energy to be able to burn off your consumed carbohydrates.

The keto diet is a vigorous one with set amounts of macro and micro nutrients allowed. The macro nutrients are divided into percentages, allowing the individuals 2000 calorie intake to be made up of around 60% fats, 30% protein and 10% carbohydrates.

Many people on the keto diet fail because they struggle to find foods to satisfy their sweet tooth, however nut butter is an excellent way to quell these cravings.

Having said this, many peanut butters found in supermarkets are loaded with carbohydrates so you’re going to want to look for one with a specifically low carb count.

This can be a long process and often put people off even buying any, which is why we’ve found the top five keto friendly nut butters for you to peruse and choose.

In a hurry?

We know keto diets can be difficult to stick to thanks to the potential cravings of sugary treats, so we’ll keep this short and sweet.

Our top pick for the best nut butter for keto diets is the BARNEY Almond Butter, in one of its many variations, because:

  • BARNEY roasts and uses their nuts straight away to keep that roasted flavor fresh and present in the nut butter.
  • The facility where the nut butter is made is completely peanut free so you don’t have to worry if you have a peanut allergy.
  • Each serving only holds 2g of net carbs, which hardly touches your daily allowance.

With some nut butters you find that even the smoothest formulas have a gritty texture thanks to all the ground nuts. However, BARNEY has found the solution – removing all the skin before grinding the nuts!

This leaves a super creamy and smooth nut butter for you to enjoy without the questionable texture.

Adding to this, the nut skin actually can prevent the body from absorbing all the available nutrients, making the skin less effective and a potential hindrance to your keto journey.

The roasted, skinless almonds used in BARNEY’s nut butter are used immediately and aren’t stored for prolonged periods of time to create a better flavor for the consumer.

There’s always the worry for people with peanut allergies that other nut butters may contain traces thanks to being produced in the same facility as peanut butter. With BARNEY Almond Butter you can expect 100% peanut free formulas which are safe for everyone.

You can choose from crunchy almond butter, smooth, chocolate, cocoa and coconut flavored, or bare crunchy and smooth. The bare range is most beneficial for a keto diet as it includes zero added sugars or salts which helps lower cholesterol and lowers the carb count, as well as many other health benefits.

Each of these variations are gluten free, soy free, keto and paleo friendly, kosher and vegan, making them very inclusive and an excellent choice for everyone.


  • Great organic flavor.
  • Only 2g of net carbohydrates.
  • Made in a peanut free facility.


  • Small jar won’t last too long.
  • Too thick for some people to spread.

It’s worth noting that Legendary Foods has a line of different flavored almond butters such as peanut butter cup and blueberry cinnamon bun, however we’ve chosen the pecan pie almond butter because it houses the smallest amount of net carbs, with an astonishingly low 2g per serving.

Thanks to the sweet flavors, this nut butter is perfect for keto snacks without giving you that guilty feeling. Packed with healthy fats and protein, consuming this will help you achieve your macro numbers without taking up too many of your carbohydrate allowance.

There’s no added sugar, no GMO and it is gluten free to keep it simple and using only the healthiest of ingredients. It’s also vegan so fully inclusive of everyone, which is a nice touch from Legendary Foods. Although an almond butter, you’ll also find small chunks of pecans mixed within to create a 3D effect of your pecan pie flavoring.

Use this almond butter to make a number of keto friendly recipes such as banana pancakes, or eat it straight out of the jar as a fat bomb snack. Just don’t double dip your spoon!


  • Elaborate flavors which don’t use unnecessary sugars or sweeteners.
  • Only 2g net carbohydrates.
  • Works great with plenty of keto recipes.


  • Not the best packaging for shipping.
  • A little harsh on some people’s stomachs.

Left Coast Performance has formulated their nut butter using primarily macadamia nuts which have a much lower carbohydrate content than other nuts such as peanuts. They’ve also been proven to lower cholesterol levels and help with weight loss.

Many people on the keto diet rave about how great macadamia nuts have been for their keto journey, helping to keep them fuller for longer and keep up with their macro needs.

This nut butter includes only one gram of net carbs per serving, which is incredibly low and you’ll be pressed to find a food with such a high fat content while remaining low in carbs.

You’ll also find almonds and cashews within this nut butter, amping up the fat content to a whopping 10g. There are no added sugars or sweeteners, no artificial flavors or colors so you know you’re not putting anything bad into your body with this snack.

MCT oil that’s been taken from coconut oil is also included within this formula, keeping your endurance up and going strong throughout your day. While snacks prior to your keto diet often made you lethargic and slouchy, Left Coast Performance’s nut butter leaves you feeling full and raring to go.


  • Produced from somewhere that has zero involvement with peanuts so you don’t have to worry about allergies.
  • Three different nuts used to keep you fuller for longer.
  • Super low net calorie count.


  • A few users received their glass jars broken from shipping.
  • Small jar won’t last that long.

If the six mouthwatering flavors to choose from haven’t already seen you clicking add to basket, maybe the fact that it’s full of protein, healthy fats and low carbs will sway you. Made of only five baseline ingredients, you can be sure that you’re not putting any useless ingredients into your body.

RX Nut Butter includes egg whites as their main protein source thanks to it being complete and untouched by any chemicals. This means your body will process it easier and therefore use it easier, so no protein is left unused and therefore turned into fat.

While the almonds create a deliciously salty base, RXBAR also uses dates to create a muted sweet flavor which you can really taste in their plain nut butters. While you can’t taste these as much in the flavored butters, you’ll still reap the benefits of the high fiber content and loads of added nutrients to add to your micro nutrient numbers.

You can choose to have this nut butter made from peanuts or almonds, flavored or unflavored, buy one or two packs. You can even get variety packs so you can try one of each of the flavors! No matter your personal preference, this RX nut butter is sure to subdue your sweet and salty cravings all at once.


  • Plenty of choice for flavors and quantities of jars to choose from.
  • Small number of ingredients to prevent overcomplicating things and putting unnecessary things into your body.
  • Only 3g net carbs in each serving.


  • Oil separation means you have to mix it back together before using.
  • Gritty texture.

Don’t be put off by the brand’s name, this is full of healthy fats and will actually help you lose weight on a keto diet. While this peanut butter may sound terrifying to someone just starting their keto journey, it’s actually a great keto snack as it features cocoa butter and unsweetened chocolate to give it a sweet flavor to help with the cravings without skyrocketing the carbohydrate count.

FATSO uses all natural ingredients so nothing processed is entering your body, not to mention it’s vegan and non GMO certified. There’s no dairy, no gluten, no preservatives and no sugar.

These natural ingredients help keep your macro and micro nutrient numbers up with a load of minerals, vitamins, proteins and healthy fats. Not only does it keep you fuller for longer, it also helps keep your metabolism steady and lowers cholesterol.

Included within this peanut butter is Tapioca Fiber which is a natural sweetener that doesn’t affect the calorie or carb count. Also included are chia seeds, MGT oils and flax seeds which all have their own individual benefits to your body.

You can choose between cocoa, salted caramel and classic peanut butter flavors, or go wild and opt for a variety pack of all three.


  • Amazing flavors make this a great keto friendly snack to prevent cravings.
  • Lots of added natural ingredients with their own health benefits.
  • Reviewers say it tastes so good that they can’t believe it’s keto friendly.


  • Some users had shipping issues with broken glass.
  • Oil separation can be a little annoying.

Buyers Guide

Type of Nut

This is all up to personal preference as nut butters can pretty much be used with any nut imaginable. Walnuts, almonds, cashews – you name it, someone’s made it. Having said this, some nuts are higher in macros than others, including those dreaded carbohydrates. The lowest carb nuts include pecans, macadamia and brazil nuts (although the last technically isn’t a nut), whereas the highest include cashews, pistachios and pine nuts.

Let’s take a look at a few of the popular nut butters used in keto diets.

Almond butter

Almond butter is super versatile and can be used in almost any recipe to give it a nice added flavor. Two thirds of the serving is taken up by healthy fats and there’s more calcium from the nuts in this butter.

People love using almonds in their keto diets because it tastes great and doesn’t go overboard with the net carbohydrates.

Macadamia butter

This type of nut tends to have less net carbohydrates than others, so on paper butter made with them should be the healthiest. However, macadamia nuts tend to be quite bland and therefore need more ingredients added to make it into a tasty keto snack, therefore making the carb count pretty similar to other nut butters.

The best nut butters made from macadamia nuts actually use other low carb nuts as well such as pecans and almonds to give it more of a flavorsome taste.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is the most readily available nut butter and you can get it from almost any food store. However, many of the cheaper versions include lots of carbohydrates thanks to unnecessary and processed ingredients such as artificial sweeteners and corn syrup.

Peanuts are a great source of protein and healthy fats to get your macros in, and they don’t hold too many carbohydrates. An organic peanut butter will aid your keto diet excellently, just make sure to read the label and make sure your brand is a keto friendly one.


Of course carbohydrates are one of the most important factors to people following the keto diet, so you’ll need to make sure your nut butter is low in net carbs. Although a nut butter says it only includes 8g net carbs and this doesn’t sound like much, that’s well over a third of your daily allowance gone on two tablespoons of nut butter.

Look for a nut butter that contains no more than 4g of net carbs to keep you on the right track with your keto diet. Otherwise you may find yourself having to halve your portions to keep your carbs down.


Nut butter is an excellent snack or dessert option for people following the keto diet thanks to the sweet flavor. However, for some serious sweet tooths out there, natural nut butter just won’t subdue their cravings. This is why many brands are now creating different flavors for people who need a healthy, sweet fix.

Make sure you get a flavor that you’re going to enjoy and not make you reach for the biscuit tin. Imagine the disappointment you’d feel when your new sweet snack arrives in the post and you’ve accidentally ordered a classic nut butter with no sweet flavoring, or vice versa.

Added Extras

Some brands just love to incorporate additional ingredients into their nut butters that no one asked for. Artificial sweeteners, colors and unhealthy sugar sources are among the most common useless ingredients that you may find on the back of your nut butter label. These can increase the carbohydrate content and therefore affect your keto diet, so it’s important to read the label before committing to your nut butter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What nut butters are keto?

Here are a list of popular nuts and their net carbohydrates per one ounce (28g) serving:

NutNet Carbs Per One Ounce Serving

The lower the net carb number, the more likely the nut butter is going to fit into your keto diet. Having said this, you can incorporate them all into your diet if you stick to portion sizes.

Another thing to remember is that no matter the nut net carb number, the manufacturer could include various different ingredients to make the nut butter not suitable for keto diets, so make sure you read the label and work out the net carbs of the butter for yourself.

The formula to work out the net carbohydrates is: Total Carbs – Fiber – ½ Carbs from Sugar Alcohols. Bear in mind that the keto diet calls for you to only consume 20 net carbs a day.

Is almond butter or peanut butter better for keto?

Both of these nuts actually contain higher amounts of carbohydrates than alternative nuts, but most people want either a peanut or almond butter because they taste the best. Ultimately, both of these nuts are fine for a keto diet as long as you keep it in moderation.

Peanut butter is slightly higher in carbs than almond butter, however this means that there’s also more protein which is a plus when you’re struggling with your macros. Having said this, almond butter has higher fiber content as well as a lot of your needed micronutrients.

This really depends on what you’re struggling with most on your keto diet. Macros? Try some peanut butter. Micros? How about getting some almond butter in. Not struggling with either? Go wild and choose whichever you want!

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