Five Guys Keto: A Comprehensive Ordering Guide

Can I do keto at Five Guys?

Are you following the ketogenic diet and considering dining at Five Guys? I’ve got great news for you – keto eating is possible at this fast-food chain, as long as you know what to order.

First things first: if you’re on keto, skip the bun. Instead, opt for lettuce wraps or a burger bowl to enjoy all the deliciousness without any unnecessary carbs. Plus, don’t worry – just because you’re skipping the bun doesn’t mean your meal has to be bland.

Another tip I have for making your Five Guys meal keto-friendly is to load up on high-fat toppings like mayo, avocado, or cheese. But be cautious with ketchup and barbecue sauce since they often contain added sugars that can throw off your ketosis progress.

It’s important to keep in mind that some menu items may seem low-carb friendly but actually have hidden carbs or sugars – especially those labeled “lite.” It’s best to always ask about ingredients before ordering anything.

So next time you’re hankering for a juicy burger or hot dog from Five Guys while practicing your ketogenic lifestyle, try these tips out for a tasty yet healthy experience!

Four Important Tips for Ordering Keto at Five Guys

Ordering keto at Five Guys is easier than you might think. By following these four important tips, you can create a delicious and satisfying meal that won’t derail your keto diet.

First, skip the bun. All of the burgers and hot dogs can be ordered without buns. This lowers your carb count significantly and makes for a more fulfilling meal.

Second, opt for lettuce wraps instead of bread. Five Guys offers fresh lettuce leaves that are perfect as replacements for their buns. You can still enjoy all the flavor and texture while sticking to your low-carb diet.

Third, choose toppings wisely. Stick with high-fat options like avocado, cheese or mayo rather than sugary ketchup or BBQ sauce that might contain hidden carbs.

Finally, avoid french fries – they’re loaded with carbs! A better choice would be ordering a side salad as it will provide much-needed variety in taste and nutrients.

By keeping these four tips in mind during your next visit to Five Guys restaurant, you’ll have no trouble staying on track towards reaching your optimal health goals whilst enjoying flavorful meals without compromise!

Keto Burger and Hot Dog Options at Five Guys

As someone who follows the keto diet, finding tasty and compliant fast food can be quite challenging. However, Five Guys’ customizable menu makes ordering a yummy burger or hot dog that fits your keto lifestyle easier than ever before. The key to success is choosing the right toppings and alternatives to traditional buns.

Thankfully, there are plenty of burger options available without bread. Classic hamburger, cheeseburger or bacon burger without any bun make for delicious choices, while bigger appetites can enjoy larger sizes like the little bacon cheeseburger that can all be ordered bunless at Five Guys.

If you’re more in the mood for a hot dog instead, then you’re in luck! You have four choices: a kosher-style dog without a bun; a cheese dog (without regular sausage) with lettuce as its base; a Bacon Cheese Dog option that looks incredible—all smothered in decadent toppings draped over juicy beef patties!

Not only will these mouthwatering treats not expand your waistline unnecessarily due to carbs overload since all buns should not bother anymore but they also come with exclusive sauces designed exclusively for ketos that will tantalize your taste buds with each bite.

So next time I’m craving some juicy steak fries alongside my Keto burger choice, I know choosing Five Guys would suffice! Reading this guide may come in handy because it doesn’t hurt throwing off our routine sometimes. A keto diet needn’t be dull either once one gets creative and satisfies those cravings!

Hamburger (No bun)

When I indulge in keto at Five Guys, my go-to is their classic Hamburger without the bun. This tasty patty is crafted from 100% all-beef and contains no added fillers or preservatives. Opting for more protein and cutting out the carb-heavy bread means that I can easily stay in ketosis while enjoying a juicy burger.

Pro tip: make sure to let the cashier know that you want your burger sans bun when placing your order. I recommend playing around with toppings to add some extra fats and flavors, such as lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo, or bacon.

Keep in mind that although this low-carb option won’t kick you out of ketosis, it still packs a calorie punch. For those tracking carbs or aiming for weight loss, be mindful of portion sizes. And steer clear of sugary condiments like ketchup and barbecue sauce – they contain sneaky added sugars.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask questions or customize your meal just how you like it to fit into your keto lifestyle. Armed with knowledge about their menu options and a bit of creativity, dining keto-style at Five Guys can be both scrumptious and satisfying!

Cheeseburger (No bun)

Looking for keto-friendly options at Five Guys can be quite tricky, but fret not – I’ve got your back! You won’t have to compromise on your diet while enjoying scrumptious meals. And where better to start than with Five Guys’ popular cheeseburger?

Now, a typical cheeseburger is just meat and melted cheese sandwiched between two buns. However, Five Guys takes this classic dish up a notch with their exceptional culinary skills that’ll leave you craving more.

Unlike other fast-food joints that use pre-cooked patties from suppliers, Five Guys grinds fresh chuck every day right in front of customers. This extra attention to detail translates into an entirely different texture and flavor that significantly elevates the taste of the burger.

Apart from freshly ground meat and high-quality American cheese, Five Guys offers endless topping combinations to choose from such as crispy bacon bits or sautéed mushrooms. Ordering low-carb has never been easier! However, stay away from carb-heavy toppings like ketchup or pickles if you’re trying to watch those macros. Instead, add some spinach leaves or lettuce for that extra fiber boost!

So go ahead and satisfy your cravings with one of these juicy burgers without worrying about ruining your diet plan today at Five Guys!

Bacon Burger (No bun)

Mmm, I’ve got to tell you about the Bacon Burger from Five Guys. If you’re on a keto diet like me, this juicy beef patty with crispy bacon might just be your new best friend. Eating it without the bun is an easy way to skip refined carbs and stay true to your low-carb lifestyle. Plus, it’s packed with protein that’ll keep you feeling satisfied for hours.

To jazz up your burger even more (because who doesn’t love jazzed-up food?), consider adding some toppings like lettuce, tomato, onion or avocado. These not only add flavor but nutritional value too!

Just a heads up though – some of the sauces offered at Five Guys like ketchup and barbecue may have added sugars in them which can be a big no-no when going low carb. But don’t worry – there are plenty of options such as mayo or mustard that won’t ruin your healthy eating goals.

If you’re really craving that bread-like feel without sabotaging your diet then try using lettuce wraps instead of buns or swap in portabella mushrooms caps which make for a surprisingly yummy bread alternative!

Overall, if you’re into burgers as much as I am, skipping the bread on a Bacon Burger at Five Guys will leave both you and your taste buds incredibly satisfied!

Bacon Cheeseburger (No bun)

I must say, one of my favorite keto options at Five Guys has got to be their Bacon Cheeseburger (No bun). It’s absolutely mouth-watering with tender beef patty and crispy bacon cooked to perfection.

Now, to keep things low-carb and healthy, just ask for it without the bun. I like to add some veggies on top because they give a distinct taste and amazing crunch factor! So go for lettuce, tomatoes, or even pickles. And if you’re feeling a little adventurous, throw in some grilled onions or jalapeños. Trust me; it brings a whole new level of flavor!

But hold on there cowboy – too much cheese on your burger can pack up some calories that we don’t want. Therefore, stick only to one slice of cheese so that your meal stays low-calorie yet tasty.

Condiments can play havoc in our diets and ruin all our hard work so always make sure you are mindful about what goes on your burger. Avoid ketchup as they often contain added sugars which is not good news for us keto enthusiasts. Instead, choose high-fat options like mustard or mayo! Moderation is key here!

To sum it up–a Bacon Cheeseburger (No bun) from Five Guys, with its juicy beef patty slathered in ooey-gooey melted cheese and crispy bacon strips cradled together by lettuce leaves—like a cozy blanket—is every ketogenic diet follower’s dream come true!

Little Hamburger (No bun)

The Little Hamburger— an undersized twist on the timeless burger classic. With no bun, it’s a low-carb treat perfect for those chasing keto goals. But wait! Despite its miniature size, this meal packs a big punch of delicious flavor in each bite. Adding toppings like lettuce, jalapeños and grilled onions is always an option and costs nothing at all. Don’t hesitate to indulge yourself with bacon or cheese (or both!), but pay attention because these extras may knock you off course from meeting your daily calorie count.

However, let’s take a moment of silence and honor the simplicity that makes this food item stand out. This stunningly tasty meal balances juicy beef patty mixed with just the right amount of seasoning; not too overpowering as to shock your taste buds, yet fully pleasing when savored slowly. In terms of culinary magnificence, it’s simple but fulfilling.

Next time you want Five Guys while keeping within keto standards, remember how splendid their Little Hamburger (without bread) tastes; it will remain unforgettable!.

Little Cheeseburger (No bun)

If you’re embracing the keto lifestyle and on the lookout for a scrumptious Five Guys meal option, here’s a great choice: opt for the Little Cheeseburger without the bun. This delicious treat features one beef patty cooked to perfection, topped with melted cheese along with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions mayonnaise and mustard all snuggled up in crispy lettuce wrap instead of a carb-heavy bun.

Every bite is an explosion of flavorsome toppings and juicy beef patty that aligns well with your low-carb diet goals. Interestingly, this mouth-watering burger packs only 4 grams of net carbs sans its bready companion – making it one excellent keto-compliant selection from their menu line-up.

However, mind you don’t get any sugary dip such as barbecue sauce or ketchup as they can are loaded with calories and take you out of ketosis’s favourable territory. For those who need some extra healthy fat to keep them feeling full for longer periods, avocado slices or additional bacon bits could be mouth-watering options to consider.

Overall, if you’re yearning for something indulgent at Five Guys but still want to follow through with your ketogenic plan – then look no further than their Little Cheeseburger without a bread basket!

Little Bacon Burger (No bun)

When it comes to grabbing a quick bite that ticks all your keto boxes, Five Guys has got you covered! I recently discovered the Little Bacon Burger sans bun, and let me tell you, it’s an absolute game-changer. The beef is of exceptional quality and cooked to perfection, paired with crispy bacon strips that make for a mouthwatering combo!

But why stop there? Get creative by adding some low-carb toppings like mustard, mayo, pickles, onions or jalapeños for an extra kick of flavor. Do steer clear of those carb-loaded options though – ketchup and barbecue sauce are not ideal choices as they can add up the carbs real quick.

It’s essential to communicate your dietary needs clearly when ordering at Five Guys; for one thing, asking them to swap out the bun for lettuce makes the whole affair much more enjoyable. When dining out on keto, it’s crucial to avoid fries and shakes – sorry folks! But fear not: our hero of the hour – the Little Bacon Burger sans bun – stands alone proudly as a completely filling keto meal.

So go ahead and indulge in some savory goodness without compromising your ketosis. It just goes to show that living life deliciously is possible even when staying true to your keto lifestyle!

Little Bacon Cheeseburger (No bun)

If you’re sticking to a keto diet and love Five Guys, fear not. The Little Bacon Cheeseburger sans bun is an ideal option. It’s small enough to fit into your daily caloric intake while tickling your taste buds.

Allow me to tantalize them further – the Little Bacon Cheeseburger boasts succulent beef patties cooked to perfection with crispy bacon and melted cheesy goodness on top. Opt out of the bun and all things sugar or ketchup-related to keep it carb-free.

Don’t skimp on deliciousness; add more keto-friendly toppings like jalapenos, grilled mushrooms, and onions without fretting about loading up on carbs. These toppings elevate the burger’s flavor profile while keeping it healthy for a keto weight loss meal.

To round off your Five Guys meal, try a side of lettuce-wrapped bacon hot dog or some dry roasted peanuts instead of french fries. This will give you additional protein and healthy fats rather than unneeded carbohydrates.

Remember that true dedication to keto means avoiding added sugars and reducing carbohydrate consumption whenever possible. By ordering smartly at Five Guys using these tips – they won’t know what hit ’em! You’ll be enjoying healthy, flavorful meals that satisfy both your palate & body!

Bacon Cheese Dog (No bun)

I have to tell you about the Ultimate Keto Burger must-have – the Bacon Cheese Dog! If you’re anything like me, just thinking about that juicy, crispy goodness is enough to make your mouth start watering. Five Guys’ version of this tasty treat is tailored for keto eaters as it’s served sans bun and satisfies all of those carb-craving cravings.

Picture bacon so perfectly salty and smoky draped over your hot dog and melting bits of gooey American cheese. You can almost taste it, right? The generous additions of relish and onions also add an extra layer of deliciousness.

You’ll feel like a queen indulging in this hearty meal that won’t mess up your nutrition or crush your tastebuds in any way. Each bite will leave you feeling both utterly satisfied and energized.

One caveat: because of its calorie content, I’d suggest not eating this option excessively. However, trust me when I say that treating yourself now and then to Five Guys’ Bacon Cheese Dog may become part of your culinary arsenal!

Bacon Dog (No bun)

Hey there, fellow keto warriors! If you’re in a rush and need a satisfying meal option, look no further than the Bacon Dog at Five Guys. Not only is it deliciously wrapped in crisp bacon, but it’s also low-carb when you skip the bun – perfect for maintaining your keto diet.

Feeling adventurous? Add some grilled onions, mushrooms or jalapeno peppers to spice things up without adding too many carbs. But before you order, check out Five Guys’ website for nutrition information and make informed choices based on your macros and goals.

Now here’s the deal: watch out for sneaky sugars lurking in sauces like ketchup or barbecue sauce – they can quickly add up and kick you right out of ketosis. So choose wisely and stick to low-sugar options.

Overall, with careful customization and attention to detail, enjoying a tasty fast food meal while staying in ketosis is totally possible with Five Guys’ Keto Menu. Let’s keep crushing our goals together!

Cheese Dog (No bun)

If you’re a keto-dieter with an insatiable craving for hot dogs, fret not because Five Guys has got you covered with some low-carb options. One of my favorite orders is the Cheese Dog without the bun – it’s a mouth-watering treat that lets me wolf down a hot dog drenched in American cheese without worrying about excessive carbs from bread.

Having said that, I must alert you to watch out for its calorie and fat content due to the rich cheese topping. Trust me; it’s entirely possible to stick to your daily caloric intake goals even while relishing this yummy delight – just balance it out with lighter condiments or sides.

To give your Cheese Dog extra zing minus high carbs, pile on diced onions or jalapenos; they’ll add robust flavors without tipping the carb-o-meter. Plus, why not swap those fries with a side salad instead? It’s a brilliant way to enrich your meal-plan with more nutrients.

When placing your order at Five Guys, clearly communicate that you want no bread included alongside your Cheese Dog for trouble-free preparation. With these tips in mind, bite into one of America’s beloved snacks without guilt or problems following your victorious ketogenic diet plan!

Kosher Style Hot Dog (No bun)

When following a keto diet, it can be tempting to indulge in delicious and savory fast food options like hot dogs. At Five Guys, their kosher style hot dog without the bun is an excellent low-carb option that can fit into your keto lifestyle.

Their kosher style hot dog is made from high-quality beef and seasoned with unique flavors that are perfect for satisfying your cravings on a busy day. When ordering this meal option at Five Guys, make sure to ask the server to hold the bun and add some keto-friendly toppings instead.

You have multiple low carb choices for toppings at Five Guys including lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions or mushrooms. Add some cheddar cheese or grilled bacon as well if you’d like to elevate the flavor profile.

It’s important to be mindful of certain foods on the menu when following a strict keto diet plan. Not all sauces or seasonings are carb-free or negligible in portion size here so check with restaurant staff about what they put in their products.

Overall, opt for simple yet delicious dishes such as their Kosher Style Hot Dog without bun at Five Guys while adhering closely to your daily calorie intake goals. Keep these tips in mind before indulging but also remember there’s no need sacrifice taste when committing yourself adhering being healthy while dining out!

Foods to Avoid at Five Guys

As someone who follows a keto diet, I understand the importance of being mindful about what I eat. When it comes to dining at Five Guys, there are plenty of tasty options that fit within my dietary requirements. However, to stay in ketosis and achieve my individual carb limit and goals, there are some items that I steer clear of.

The biggest offender is obviously the bun! Not only is it packed with carbs, but it’s also loaded with gluten which can cause inflammation and bloating – not exactly ideal for optimal health. But fear not! Once you sink your teeth into one of their juicy burger patties or hot dogs, you may not even miss the bun.

Just be cautious of other common culprits such as ketchup and BBQ sauce which often contain sneaky hidden sugars. Instead, go for mustard or mayo as an alternative condiment option. And if you’re adding cheese to your order (because let’s be honest – everything is better with cheese), opt for natural over processed cheese slices which can contain unwanted additives like starches or maltodextrin.

Lastly, don’t fall for any toppings that could add up carbs without you even realizing it – think grilled onions or mushrooms marinated in sweet sauces. Choose nutritionist-approved options like avocados or jalapenos instead.

While it’s okay to indulge every now and then (hello cheat meal!), avoiding these avoidable items will help keep you well within your recommended macros range. Always take a moment to read nutritional information before making choices and don’t shy away from asking questions when ordering – curious minds make healthier decisions!


Can I still indulge in French fries while on the ketogenic diet?

Unfortunately, traditional french fries are not ideal for a keto-friendly diet as they contain high carbs. Fear not, however, as Five Guys offers lettuce wraps for their burgers and hot dogs as an alternative side dish.

What toppings should I go for to keep my burger or hot dog low-carb?

Some delightful low-carb toppings that enhance the flavors include mustard, mayo, pickles, onions,tomatoes,and jalapenos. Avoiding ketchup is advised since it has added sugar content.

Are Five Guys salads suitable components of a keto meal plan?

Although you can customize your salad by asking for dressings with low carb-count and requesting no croutons,you might miss out on specialty Keto-specific salads at Five Guys.

Is there anything for people with other dietary restrictions?

Fret not! At Five Guys, your preferences and dietary restrictions won’t stop you from treating yourself.They will accommodate any changes or substitutions that adhere to your individualized Ketogenic Diet plan!

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