Keto Camping Meals to Bring With You

There is a warm season outside and you love nature. But wait, I am on keto now! What should I do? What food should I eat? Can I enjoy camping while staying in ketosis? These dreadful questions raise at some point if you an avid camper. Let me help.

Even when I am outside camping there is a difference between meals and snacks. Meals is firewood and snacks is kindling. That’s why meals usually require more time investment and sometimes kitchen equipment. But no one wants to spend time cooking and doing the dishes. That’s not why we come outdoors.

Everyone wants an easy keto camping meal for lunch and dinner. The trick to achieve that is to lower your expectations. From years of high-carb experience, I’ve found that backpacking meals are a good compromise between quality, nutrition, and efficiency. One issue though. Most brands are full of cheap carbs like rice and pasta. But every rule has an exception.

Meet Next Mile Miles ketogenic backpacking meals. One and only camping brand with keto people as the main audience. Just pour hot water to enjoy a full meal without ruining your macros.

They don’t have keto camping desserts to offer like these ridiculous ice cream sandwiches. So it’s on you. I usually swap desserts for snacks and feel as good since some of them are sweet by design.

Keto Snacks For Camping And Backpacking


Keto superfood. Just a pinch of salt and I can devour it under a minute.

Tip: use ripeness to strategically choose avocados for the entirety of your trip.


A keto staple. I love macadamia nuts. These from Hawaii are the best. Just don’t overdo it.

Dark Chocolate

The longer I am doing keto the darker my chocolate becomes. Now that I’ve reached 100 level my choice is often Montezuma’s Absolute Black. I can’t consume it in big quantities and you likely too. Another big benefit is that almost no one would try to steal a piece from you.

To lighten my darkness I bring ChocZero’s chocolate. It’s sweetened with Monk Fruit and has only 2g of net carbs per 1 ounce. If you enjoy sweeter chocolates, this is where I recommend starting.

Nut Butter

I’ve never been a fan of eating nut butter until I found FBOMBS. Salted chocolate caramel is so good that the only reason I don’t eat all of them at once is their price.


Some people swear by sardines. I am not a fan of their taste but can’t deny their keto fit and high nutritional value. I heard good words about Wild Planet Sardines. Give them a try.


That’s my replacement for sardines. They even have a better macro profile for keto with less protein and more fat. Reese Smoked Clams has been my choice for the recent years because of their high dollar value in comparison with other brands.


All the traditional cheese requires refrigeration and this makes it a limited option. However, dried cheese doesn’t have that problem. It’s not cheese in the traditional sense but rather cheese crisps which makes its texture completely different.

Beef Jerky

Jerky with a pack of salted almonds is my go-to option when I want something bigger than a snack but can’t organize a full meal. Beware that many store-bought jerkies are loaded with carbs. I’ve found that Biltong, a dried meat variety, rarely contains added sugars and can be safely used as a keto snack.


Everyone loves cookies. Fortunately, there are keto-friendly options to choose from. Try Fat Snax cookies or HighKey mini cookies. They are perfect with coffee or tea.

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