Keto Friendly Restaurants in Spokane: Top Places to Eat

Cole’s Bakery & Cafe

Looking for the perfect keto-friendly spot in Spokane? Look no further than Cole’s Bakery & Cafe. The menu is full of options that cater to a variety of dietary restrictions and preferences, meaning low-carb and sugar-free choices abound for those adhering to the ketogenic lifestyle.

Where Cole’s really shines is their commitment to quality ingredients. Everything they serve is made on-site using locally sourced products that are both nutritious and scrumptious.

Satisfy your brunch cravings with some of Cole’s egg dishes; each comes with fresh greens and crispy bacon or sausage that won’t bust your carb budget. And don’t forget about omelets and frittatas – you can fill them up with whichever proteins and veggies strike your fancy (we’re partial to goat cheese).

Lunchtime means salads galore at Cole’s, complete with plenty of healthy toppings like avocado and nuts, all free from added sugars or unhealthy fats. If you’re looking for something more substantial, try out one of their chicken or steak plates smothered in delicious grass-fed butter sauce – ultimate keto goals! And if you’re feeling daring, be sure to check out their cauliflower crust pizza.

When it comes down to it, Cole’s Bakery & Cafe delivers an exceptional dining experience full of wholesome goodness – without sacrificing any flavor. With so many options catering to different palates while maintaining high standards regarding ingredients, indulging in complex flavors while still sticking strictly within a low-carb meal plan has never been easier or more satisfying! Make sure you add visiting this delicious restaurant onto your Spokane itinerary now.


Have you ever had that moment during a hectic morning where you’re running late for a meeting only to realize the logistical nightmare of forgetting breakfast? Fret not – I’ve found an easy solution at Starbucks with their keto-friendly options that are just as sumptuous as they are satiating.

Starbucks’ Sous Vide Egg Bites come in two luscious flavors: bacon and gruyere or egg white and red pepper. These heavenly bites are packed with protein, ensuring a full belly till lunchtime rolls around. Alternatively, if coffee is what you need in the morning, try ordering an Americano with heavy cream instead of milk to give your taste buds some frothy goodness.

For those seeking something more substantial, indulge in the Chicken Chorizo Tortilla Sous Vide Egg Bites. The added spiciness in these breatfast delights won’t deter keto dieters from savoring their low-carb lifestyle.

To add to the extensive morning menu, Starbucks offers keto snacks like cheese plates and protein boxes filled with nuts, cheese, turkey slices, hard-boiled eggs, and veggies – perfect fuel for all my fellow busy bees out there!

Next time you need a quick breakfast fix on-the-go look no further than your beloved local Starbucks!

True Food Kitchen

As someone who has embraced the keto lifestyle, finding restaurants that cater to my dietary needs can be quite a challenge. Thankfully, I stumbled upon True Food Kitchen during my trip to Spokane. This restaurant prides itself on using only fresh and healthy ingredients which are perfect for low-carb dieters like me.

True Food Kitchen’s menu is free of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors and unhealthy fats – giving you peace of mind when selecting your meal. One dish that stole my heart was their “Keto Bowl.” Made with grilled chicken or grass-fed steak, cauliflower rice, avocado, greens, coconut amino sauce, and hemp seeds; this hearty meal not only satiated my appetite but also kept me in ketosis.

Another noteworthy dish for keto devotees is the “Inside Out Quinoa Burger.” Unlike typical burger patties that contain fillers like breadcrumbs or flour, this quinoa burger consists mainly of vegetables such as sweet potato hummus and bok choy- keeping carb intake low while leaving you feeling fuller for longer.

To complement your meal selection at True Food Kitchen, try one of their wellness drinks such as the refreshing cucumber cooler infused with sparkling water or a variety of cold herbal teas/elixirs.

In summary: if you’re looking for an exceptional restaurant experience while staying committed to your ketogenic diet; look no further than True Food Kitchen. Their nutrient-dense menu prepared without carb-filling foods makes it a top pick on any health-conscious eater’s list!

P. F. Chang’s

P. F. Chang’s is a Chinese restaurant chain that offers a wide variety of dishes suitable for those following a keto diet. With an extensive menu featuring delicious and healthy options, P.F. Chang’s is one of the top recommendations for Spokane visitors or locals who want to have a satisfying dining experience without sacrificing their keto lifestyle.

If you are in the mood for some flavorful protein, make sure to try the Mongolian Beef, which is made with wok-seared steak caramelized with garlic and scallions, or the Spicy Tuna Roll served over fresh cucumbers rather than rice.

For carb-free appetizers, customers can order their famous lettuce wraps topped with protein-rich chicken or shrimp along with mushrooms and water chestnuts.

Moreover, if you’re into seafood, P.F. Chang’s has sushi crafted using cauliflower rice instead of traditional grains making it low-carb friendly.

Customers can also indulge themselves with sides like garlic snap peas and sautéed spinach as they complete a scrumptious meal at this Chinese establishment.

Overall, P.F.Chang’s makes a perfect choice for anyone seeking excellent quality food options without compromising on taste while maintaining dietary restrictions during their vacations in Spokane.

Bahama Breeze

Hey there, if you’re dreaming of a tropical getaway but can’t travel far, I’ve got just the spot for you. Bahama Breeze is hands down one of the best keto-friendly restaurants in Spokane and will satisfy all your carb-craving taste buds with its Caribbean-inspired menu.

I’ve recently visited this place and was thrilled to find numerous low-carb options on their menu that make sticking to a keto lifestyle easy peasy. Want to start off your meal on a high note? Give their Jumbo Lump Crab Stack a go, which swaps out the usual carb-loaded crackers with avocado and mango salsa. As for entrees, my personal favorites are the Grilled Salmon and Mixed Greens Salad or Jerk Chicken Lettuce Wraps. And guess what? Even their sugar-free mocktails like Pineapple Coconut Martini or Classic Mojito won’t derail your ketosis game.

It’s crucial to note that portion control is key when dining here as some of their dishes may have hidden carbs lurking behind them. However, it’s nothing a bit of mindfulness can’t fix! Be sure to check out Bahama Breeze’s nutritional information before ordering, so you don’t stray too much from your keto goals while still enjoying every bite with satisfaction.

Red Robin

In Spokane, Red Robin is a popular restaurant among those following the keto diet. Their menu offers many options for guests with different dietary needs, including low-carb and high-protein dishes suitable for keto dieters. One of their most famous keto-friendly burgers is the protein-style burger wrapped in lettuce instead of buns. This option allows you to enjoy all the juicy flavors without adding unnecessary carbs to your meal.

Additionally, Red Robin also serves delicious salads that can be customized to fit your keto preferences perfectly. They offer various dressings guaranteed to add flavor without breaking any rules on your eating plan.

Moreover, customers can substitute fries or other side dishes with healthier alternatives like a side salad or broccoli – which will keep you in ketosis while still enjoying a balanced meal.

Red Robin has always been committed to offering diverse and mouthwatering meals options regardless of one’s dietary restrictions. The restaurant’s welcoming atmosphere coupled with its accommodating staff makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for tasty food options when dining out while adhering to their carb limitations and maintaining ketosis levels.

Buffalo Wild Wings

As someone who follows a keto diet, finding a restaurant that caters to my dietary needs can be tough. But fear not, fellow keto warriors! I’ve found the perfect spot in Spokane: Buffalo Wild Wings.

This popular chain has taken notice of the low-carb craze and created an entire menu called “B-Dubs Express” with options perfect for satisfying our high-fat cravings. From traditional wings sans sauce or breading (pair them with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing for ultimate satisfaction) to naked tenders breaded with almond flour instead of wheat, there’s something for everyone here.

But what if you’re in the mood for something lighter? Fear not – Buffalo Wild Wings also offers several salads that can easily be modified to fit your dietary restrictions. Swap out croutons and high-carb toppings for extra protein like grilled chicken or shrimp, then opt for dressings like ranch, bleu cheese, Caesar, or oil and vinegar.

For those days when you need something hearty and filling, try ordering their burger without the bun and layer it up with bacon slices on top of the patty. And while fries are tempting (especially with those delicious dipping sauces), try a side of steamed broccoli or green beans instead – they’ll complement your meal wonderfully.

No matter what you choose at Buffalo Wild Wings, staying within your carb limit has never been easier thanks to their tasty options catered towards all types of diets.


I’m almost finished with my keto-friendly restaurant investigation in Spokane, and I have to say – the choices are plentiful! No matter what kind of ambiance strikes your fancy – be it cozy bakery vibes or lively sports bar energy – there’s definitely a place around town that caters to the low-carb life. One thing that really struck me was how seriously each establishment takes their menu offerings. It’s clear from Starbucks’ customizable drinks options to True Food Kitchen’s seasonal selection that these restaurateurs prioritize both innovative flavor profiles and high-quality ingredients. Something else that really impressed me as I ate my way through town was each eatery’s commitment to total customer satisfaction, from taking extra care when preparing special dietary requests to providing some truly top-notch service. Really though, making sure you stick with your keto goals while still enjoying a scrumptious meal doesn’t have to feel intimidating at all thanks to the sheer abundance of fantastic spots around Spokane. So next time you’re on the hunt for something delicious but still totally healthy, be sure to remember all of these awesome eateries!

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