Top Keto Restaurants in Dallas, TX for Low Carb Dining

Gather Kitchen

As someone who follows a keto lifestyle, finding the perfect restaurant that meets your low carb diet requirements can be an exhausting task. Lucky for you, there is no need to struggle anymore because Gather Kitchen has got you covered. This one-stop-shop has a vast array of options on their menu that caters not only to those seeking a healthy and nutritious meal but also to those specifically craving delicious low carb options.

Gather Kitchen’s dishes are stamped with quality and are served in satisfactory portions ensuring you get maximum satisfaction with every bite. Moreover, their menu items comprise of fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers which ensures everything tastes crisp and flavourful… oh how I love farm-to-table goodness! Their take on vegetables will leave your taste buds dancing with joy as they infuse them with elements such as roasted almonds to add some crunchy texture. You can equally try out picks like Garlic Shrimp salad or Chicken Pesto Salad for your protein needs.

At Gather Kitchen, it’s the quality and variety of ingredients sneaking into each dish making it unique without compromising its nutritional value that should garner your interest if anything. So if you want food rich in flavor but doesn’t derail your diet goals, then Gather Kitchen is the place to stop by every once in awhile!

Origin Kitchen + Bar

When it comes to hunting for the best keto restaurants in Dallas, Origin Kitchen + Bar is a must-visit spot. From their carefully curated menu to their innovative culinary techniques, this restaurant is hard not to love. Right from the moment you step into its charming ambiance, the first thing that strikes you is the sheer variety of dishes available.

Their chefs use only locally sourced ingredients and cook up a storm with unique flavors using different textures and blends. With each bite, your taste buds will be taken on a journey of delightful surprise! They even have an extensive range of gluten-free options for those dealing with intolerances.

Aside from the food itself, what makes Origin Kitchen + Bar stand out is their passionate team who take meticulous care to create lively dining experiences. You can watch as they turn simple yet fresh ingredients like avocados or grilled chicken into works of art right before your eyes. The staff works together seamlessly and deftly taking orders without missing a beat.

This spot might just quickly become one of your most favorite places to eat healthy while still enjoying robust flavors!

The Woolworth

Oh, you simply cannot miss out on The Woolworth if you’re on a keto diet and craving a fancy meal in Dallas. Nestled in the bustling downtown area, this chic restaurant offers an array of low-carb delights that will leave you fully satiated. Their menu is packed with healthy options made from fresh ingredients – think scrumptious seafood dishes, flavorful salads, and grilled meats cooked to perfection. But let me tell you about their star dish: the Beef Carpaccio! It’s a mouthwatering dish complete with thinly sliced raw beef topped generously with arugula, truffle oil, lemon juice, and parmesan cheese – all protein-packed for those gains. If you’re keen to take an adventure with your taste buds try their Seared Pork Belly; it comes served alongside farm-fresh vegetables and creamy cauliflower mash – best part? You won’t be breaking any keto restrictions. Their roasted brussel sprouts are also worth trying as a tasty side option. Now, we cannot forget The Woolworth’s stunning rooftop patio where you can soak in breathtaking sunset views while sipping on one of their signature cocktails (made fresh from scratch!). Trust me; it’s worth grabbing make space in your belly for those treats! Go here for The Woolworth cuisine experience!

CBD Provisions

As someone following a keto diet, it can be tough to find the perfect restaurant when dining out. Thankfully, there are some great options in Dallas, TX that cater specifically to low-carb diets. One of my favorite go-to spots is CBD Provisions; they’ve earned their reputation as one of the best restaurants in Dallas – with a focus on steak dishes. Luckily for us keto dieters, steak makes for an excellent protein source and pairs perfectly with many vegetables.

At CBD Provisions, I’m always delighted by their selection of low-carb options. My top pick would have to be their beef tartare dish: it’s made with finely diced steak mixed with dijonaise and served alongside toasted bread – but just skip the bread! If you’re not feeling meaty vibes though, don’t worry – CBD has plenty more offerings like smoked salmon or roasted cauliflower dishes that pack both flavor and nutrients.

The staff at CBD Provisions also take pride in being knowledgeable about ingredient sources and food preparation methods – they’re happy to help guide your choices so that you get exactly what works for your dietary needs. Dining here has always been a pleasant experience for me because I feel confident that I’m getting delicious AND healthy meal options!

Overall, if you’re looking for a flavorful yet low-carb meal option while dining out in Dallas, look no further than CBD provisions!

Kostas Cafe

Are you searching for a cozy spot to dine on delectable Mediterranean-inspired cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere? If so, Kostas Cafe is the ideal destination for your taste buds. This concealed treasure tucked away in Dallas boasts a broad menu of Lebanese and Greek food selections that will surely gratify your desire for wholesome yet flavorful dishes.

One of their mouthwatering delights gaining popularity is the gyro platter. It comprises warm pita bread layered with succulent beef or chicken gyro meat topped with juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, fresh onions, and finished off with drizzles of refreshing tzatziki sauce. The cafe’s signature hummus will undoubtedly astound your palate as it blends creamy chickpeas with zesty garlic and lemon juice – perfect to pair with pita chips or fresh veggies!

Kostas Cafe stands out from other cafes due to their commitment to sourcing only the freshest produce – from locally-grown fruits and vegetables to top-quality meats. What’s more impressive are their amazing deals like 10% discount on all take-outs! Their courteous staffs also pride themselves in quick service without skimping on quality.

In conclusion, if exceptional Mediterranean cuisine at reasonable prices excites you while in the heart of Dallas, TX – then Kosta cafe should be next on your bucket list.


If you’re looking for a restaurant to experience Mediterranean cuisine with a ketogenic twist, Sachet should definitely be on your list. The intricate flavors in every dish will make your mouth water and the aroma that fills up the air in this cozy little spot is absolutely captivating. From lamb meatballs to fresh roasted Spanish octopus – their menu offers an array of healthy keto options to fit all appetites.

Once inside, I was immediatley transported into a different world – the restaurant decor is exquisitely detailed and it makes you feel like royalty dining there. But beyond its stunning appearance, it’s easy to see that every aspect has been carefully thought out – from the warm lighting setting the mood to the dainty flower display at each table.

Now onto my favorite part – let’s talk about food! The crab salad with avocado and cucumber was just perfect – light yet satisfyingly savory. And for those craving some red meat, they offer melt-in-your-mouth grilled lamb chops which were succulent morsels of tenderness served alongside Greek Yogurt & sauce on top of spicy tomato jam. This innovative pairing creates multidimensional flavor profiles allowing you taste every component – truly tantalizing!

Sachet offers an exceptional dining experience, taking classic keto dishes and adding their own contemporary flair. If you’re someone who appreciates healthy eating accompanied by an ambiance set for royalty — look no further than Sachet!


If you are looking for a high-end dining experience without compromising your keto diet, Bullion is the place to be. This restaurant offers an ambiance that’s fit for royalty with dishes that are visually stunning and equally exquisite in taste.

The menu comprises of French-inspired cuisine, which may sound complex and heavy on carbs. But the chefs have found a way around it by experimenting with keto-friendly ingredients that do not compromise on taste or texture. You can start your meal with Foie gras terrine or escargot de Bourgogne – both classic French starters but redefined for low-carb diners in mind.

For entrees, try their bouillabaisse Provencal – seafood simmered in a flavorful tomato-based broth made from scratch, served alongside crunchy vegetables Sauteed spinach is an excellent side dish to complement any meaty main course like roasted duck or steak frites.

Their dessert offerings are no less impressive, considering how restrictive the keto diet can get. Opt for flourless chocolate cake served with pistachio ice cream or cheese platter paired expertly with appropriate accompaniments like fruit portions, nuts & honeycomb.

St Martins

St Martins is a perfect keto-friendly restaurant in Dallas, TX for those who love fine dining. This upscale spot serves up an exquisite Mediterranean-inspired menu that’s full of low-carb options.

The atmosphere at St Martins is simply breathtaking with elegant decor and warm lighting that sets the tone for an unforgettable experience. Whether you are enjoying your meal in the stylish dining room or on their lovely terrace, you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

When it comes to food, St Martins offers plenty of delicious dishes that will satisfy anyone following a keto diet. You can start with charred octopus or roasted beet salad as appetizers before moving to entrees such as pan-seared salmon or grilled lamb chops.

One cannot miss out on trying their famous Souffle au Fromage; it’s the perfect blend of cheese and eggs baked into perfection! And if you’re looking for something sweet after dinner? Their dark chocolate creme brulee hits just the right spot without breaking your low-carb lifestyle.

Overall, St Martins offers impeccable service combined with an impressive menu full of delectable low-carb meals. It’s not surprising why locals frequently recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for high-end restaurants serving keto-friendly food options in Dallas, TX.

Dakota’s Steakhouse

If you’re on a mission to decrease your carb consumption, Dakota’s Steakhouse is the ultimate destination. Their menu includes a vast selection of mouth-watering goodies, like succulent steaks and delectable seafood varieties to appease any keto enthusiast.

You can’t help but get mesmerized by the unwinding ambient atmosphere as soon as you step inside. Everything from the warm wood decor with high ceilings that ooze out magnificence to the softened light setting enhancing the mood screams “luxury dining experience.”

Dakotas’ exceptional culinary arts are bound to leave you astounded; their impeccably cooked filet mignon is an absolute must-try for every steak lover out there! The savory meat processes in your mouth and leaves a mighty explosion of taste, satisfying those cravings without overstepping beyond carb restrictions.

Their food items don’t end there; other spectacular dishes include well-grilled salmon placed conveniently over cauliflower rice, along with crispy yet tender asparagus stalks. Another exquisite alternative would be their roasted brussels sprouts topped with balsamic glaze and shaved parmesan cheese bits.

Furthermore, Dakota’s Steakhouse staff caters exactly per your needs, ensuring only satisfied customers with full stomachs. Be it celebrating an event or enjoying a sophisticated night out without fretting over exceeding the daily carbohydrate limit – this place has got it delivered right at your table!


I must admit, as a keto follower and food enthusiast, I’ve had the pleasure of frequenting numerous restaurants that tout delectable low-carb options. While most establishments strive to create an inviting atmosphere through their decor and service, none quite do it like Mirador in Dallas.

On the 12th floor of Forty Five Ten in Downtown Dallas sits Mirador- an all-encompassing experience that proves to be much more than a simple dining affair. With outdoor views that will leave you awestruck, it’s not uncommon to feel transported into another realm.

But don’t let appearances fool you; Mirador delivers on their promise with captivating menu selections. Their cuisine is best described as “Mediterranean magic,” a fusion of flavors inspired by traditional dishes from the region. From tangy grilled octopus paired with red beet hummus to vibrant yellowfin tuna tartare complemented by velvety avocado crema, there’s something for everyone here.

If you love bold taste profiles, try their lamb chops drenched in chimichurri sauce – take my word for it; you’re in for a flavor explosion. And if intricate and nuanced fare is more your style, relish in spicy lobster spaghetti or roasted cauliflower veloute.

What sets Mirador apart from its counterparts is how each dish exquisitely complements another—an indication of adroit chefs who wield remarkable attention to detail. Nothing feels mundane or hackneyed because they infuse variety into every spice and texture.

In conclusion: If dining on top-grade cuisine included with stunning vistas sounds delightful (who wouldn’t?), make sure Mirador tops your list when heading out to keto-friendly restaurants around Dallas!

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