5 Keto Restaurants to Visit in Denver

From a geographical point of view, Denver is much closer to the center of the mainland than to being the center of keto-friendly America.

And yes, it makes very little sense in terms of traditional science, but it’s very accurate for those who are looking for a keto-friendly place to dine out.

But no matter how challenging it is to find a decent low-carb-friendly joint in the City of the Plains, it’s still possible.

If you’re just about to set out on your keto-eating-out trip, these 5 places would make a perfect start.

Just BE Kitchen

just be kitchen

They might not have an endless list of keto-friendly options, but those they have are helpfully marked with the letter “K”. Whether you’re ravenous for meat, hungry for veggies, or simply want to enjoy a mug of bone broth, Just BE Kitchen will take care of your keto cravings in the refreshing atmosphere of inspiring quotes, charming sky-blue walls, and friendly service.

Bacon Social House

The second you see the word bacon taking at least 80% of the signboard while its chubby pinkish predecessor is gazing at you from a funky mural, you know this place is killing it. For keto, Whole Hog Omelet is the right departure point for your flight, or shall we say, Bacon Flight of 6. As for other low-carb options, the motto of this spot is “peace, love, bacon, & more bacon,” so it’s not hard to figure them out. In fact, it’s much harder to first find this inconspicuous gem hidden in the middle of Sunnyside.

Yummy Hot Pot

yummy hot pot

Even if you bring a large group of eight hungry ketoers, they can accommodate you at one single table with individual pots for every person. From fish, squirrels, and crabs, to beef, lamb, and chicken—they’ve got everything you need to keep your keto diet out of danger—including mushrooms and veggies. As for carbs, rice is not even on the menu, and their noodle section is probably the smallest in town, making Yummy Hot Pot a keto gem in the guise of a hole-in-the-wall homey place with slightly sluggish service. 

Turtle Boat

First, decide on the size—a one protein one side to kill a little hunger or a three-three biggie to quench the largest keto thirst. Second, pick your protein out of more than a dozen options. Third, toss in some mix-ins, as many as you like. They say the more, the merrier, and it’s hard to argue with that. Now top up the green base with unlimited toppings and compliment your poki with a salad. Congratulations, your keto-friendly bowl is ready to go.

Poke Concept

As we started to talk about poke joints, there’s no way we can ignore the one which is best described as “da bomb.” Why? Because of their marinated fish, which, if you have ever been to Hawaii, is how it’s served in almost every poke joint there. Yes, we don’t need to tell you how to build a perfect keto bowl, but it would be a crime to opt for meat over fish in such an authentic place. As for the atmosphere, it’s clean, friendly, and relaxing.

3 thoughts on “5 Keto Restaurants to Visit in Denver”

  1. Somewhat disappointed. Alright. No, very disappointed. Bacon Social House, while delicious, has no keto menu items. Not one. Awful recommendation.

  2. I would add Keto World Kitchen that has two locations and delivers to Denver Metro area an all Keto menu of delicious heat and eat appetizers and snacks from a rotating menu. Plus fat bond, desserts and much more. So excited to have found them! My first delivery of Biscuits and gravy, Asian meatballs, blueberry scones were all yummy, good portions for me (post WLS) and a great value. Highly recommend.


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