Best Keto Restaurants in Minneapolis: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a fan of the keto diet but struggling to find restaurants in Minneapolis that cater to your needs? I know the feeling, it can be an overwhelming task. Fortunately, I’ve scoured the city and found some amazing spots that offer delicious low-carb meals.

From fancy date night destinations to casual brunch places and grab-and-go options, Minneapolis has something for everyone. You won’t feel restricted with these keto-approved menus that cater to all taste buds.

Craving a juicy grass-fed beef burger or an organic salad with creamy avocado dressing? Look no further than our comprehensive guide. Plus, start your day off right with wholesome breakfast items made using coconut flour.

So why stress when planning your next meal out? Sit back, relax and let me take you on a detailed tour of some of the best keto-friendly spots in Minneapolis’s thriving keto community!

Whole Kitchen Sink

I recently stumbled upon Whole Kitchen Sink, a fantastic restaurant in the heart of Minneapolis catering to keto dieters like myself. The name alone is indicative that you can expect an array of ingredients and toppings to choose from. Their menu offers loads of enticing salad bowls that are jam-packed with delicious greens, nuts, low-carb vegetables, and protein options ranging from chicken to tofu. For those feeling more daring, why not try their “unrolled” sushi rolls made with cauliflower rice?

But what really sets Whole Kitchen Sink apart is their Bone Broth Bar! You won’t find anything quite like it elsewhere- here you can customize your own bowl of bone broth by selecting your preferred type of collagen-rich broth such as beef or chicken then selecting some mouth-watering add-ins like hard-boiled eggs or slow-cooked pork belly- both great keto options!

The menu doesn’t stop there though – Whole Kitchen Sink has plenty of other healthy meal choices that cater to specific dietary requirements including gluten-free and paleo-friendly options too! This means everyone can enjoy something scrumptious at this establishment.

If you’re ever in the area or looking for a spot for a nutritious meal, I highly recommend Whole Kitchen Sink – they truly have something for everyone!

Wise Acre

If you’re looking for farm-to-table fare with a commitment to sustainability, Wise Acre is the perfect spot. Located in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis, this restaurant sources all of its ingredients from Tangletown Gardens farm in nearby Plato.

One standout dish is the Grass Run Farms burger made with grass-fed beef curated by the restaurant’s owners themselves. The sweet potato fries are also a must-try and pair perfectly with any of their signature dishes. If you’re feeling adventurous, try one of their exotic meats like elk or bison.

In addition to their menu items, Wise Acre offers CSA (community supported agriculture) shares from their own farm so diners can enjoy fresh produce all year round. They even have an on-site butchery where guests can watch whole animals get broken down into individual cuts.

With its cozy atmosphere and dedication to quality ingredients, Wise Acre is not just a restaurant – it’s an experience. Come for the food, stay for the sustainability!

French Meadow

I recently visited French Meadow, a restaurant that completely blew my mind and exceeded my expectations. From the moment I stepped inside, I knew this was not your ordinary eatery. The rustic ambience immediately transported me to a farm-to-table dining experience infused with an exciting organic vibe.

If you’re someone who is health-conscious or follows a keto diet, then French Meadow is the perfect destination for you. Their extensive and varied menu caters to all dietary preferences and offers endless options to tantalize your taste buds.

The starters at French Meadow are equally impressive with their Brie en croute being my favorite go-to meal. For main dishes, I tried both the organic steak and roasted maple salmon – each dish boasting complex flavors that made hopping from one delightful bite to another something special. And let’s not forget about dessert! The vegan options like the coconut cream pie and raw chocolate cashew cheesecake were truly divine.

One thing that stood out at French Meadow was their commitment to using local ingredients sourced from Minnesota farms in every dish served. It impressed me how much thought went into each plate, making it easier for those following keto diets as well.

The atmosphere at this restaurant is simply contagious; it buzzes with excitement that makes savoring each mouth-watering morsel even more enjoyable,the perfect backdrop for discerning eaters looking for new culinary experiences in Minneapolis.

If you haven’t already checked out French Meadow yet, make sure you do so soon—it will leave you craving more!

Agra Culture

Hey there foodies, are you searching for a restaurant that not only fits your keto diet but also offers locally grown organic ingredients for a healthy and delicious meal? Look no further than Agra Culture in Minneapolis. From their menu you can choose a vast variety of dishes that derive from low-carb recipes with high dose of healthy fats.

One of the must-try dishes from their seasoned repertoire is the Power Bowl: an eye-catching bowl with chicken, avocado, greens, almonds and seeds over quinoa or grain-free cauliflower rice. For those who crave something creamier, go for Grain-Free Fettuccine Alfredo – prepared by mixing zucchini noodles and creamy cashew sauce to perfection.

Agra Culture acknowledges dietary requirements as well; their gluten-free options provides comfort to folks facing food allergies. Vegetarian and vegan diets religiously celebrated at this restaurant will amplify your dining experience without undermining your way of life.

The inviting ambiance at Agra Culture made me feel welcomed on my visit there. It’s perfect to relax and enjoy lunch/dinner in good company with family and friends.

Trust me guys if you’re someone who wants mouthwatering meals which leaves zero guilt make sure to pay them a visit! You totally don’t want to miss out on what they have to offer.

People’s Organic

Looking for a restaurant that caters to keto dieters like me, but doesn’t compromise on taste? Then look no further than People’s Organic! This eatery is serious about serving only top-quality, organic ingredients in its dishes. And as someone who sticks to the keto diet, I can tell you that People’s Organic fits the bill perfectly.

One dish I absolutely adore is their Avocado Chicken Salad. It’s made with juicy grilled chicken breast, creamy avocado, mixed greens and cherry tomatoes, all doused in a tangy ginger dressing. It packs in healthy fats, protein and fiber – perfect when keeping an eye on my macros!

Another low-carb option that hits the spot is their Grass-fed Burger. Instead of buns loaded with carbs, this burger comes wrapped up snugly in lettuce leaves. And let’s not forget the toppings: guacamole and bacon add an irresistible level of flavor!

Coffee lovers like myself won’t be disappointed either: People’s Organic serves up some of the best quality coffee around. What I love most is that I can customise it to my liking by switching regular milk for almond or coconut milk – another way to keep those carb-counts low.

And let me just say something about the ambiance here – it’s stunning! Natural light spills through large windows highlighting comfortable seating surrounded by lush greenery which makes every meal here Insta-worthy.

All things considered, if you’re looking for a keto-friendly restaurant near you that delivers health-conscious meals without sacrificing variety or flavor then People’s Organic is definitely worth your time.

Burch Steakhouse

I’m here to share my delicious experience at Burch Steakhouse – a hidden gem for keto dieters craving fine dining. Personally, finding restaurants that catered to my low-carb lifestyle was always a struggle, but Burch offers diverse options from seafood to red meat and even vegetarian plates so that everyone can indulge. There is one unique dish you cannot miss: the grilled octopus. The flavors will dance on your tongue as you savor this healthy choice. Plus, they serve up an assortment of savory steaks including their juicy ribeye! Make sure you try the cauliflower baked in cream sauce – low carb never tasted so good! For those who enjoy a drink with their meal, Burch provides a rich wine list and crafted cocktails mixed by some of the finest bartenders Minneapolis has ever seen – using only the freshest ingredients like mint and lime juice for refreshing flavors. What sets this restaurant apart? Its cozy environment! It’s perfect for special occasions or romantic dinners; just ensure reservations beforehand because they go fast! Be ready to enjoy a delightful evening that won’t compromise your diet with Burch Steakhouse.

Sassy Spoon

Looking for a keto-friendly restaurant that caters to all dietary restrictions? Look no further than Sassy Spoon! This place has it all, from gluten-free pizza crusts to dairy-free ice cream. Their dishes are bold and flavorful, surprisingly comforting too!

Every time I visit Sassy Spoon, I have to order their spicy chicken sandwich. The hot sauce is homemade and mouthwatering – you won’t even realize it’s keto-friendly! Another dish I highly recommend is their loaded cauliflower soup. It baffles me how creamy the soup tastes without any dairy – they use coconut milk instead.

Sassy Spoon offers exciting variety with their salads, small plates (the lamb meatballs are divine!), grilled salmon, and blackened pork chop entrées. And don’t forget dessert; the house-made strawberry-rhubarb tart is out-of-this-world delicious! Even non-keto eaters can’t resist how rich and satisfying this dessert is without going over our carb budget.

This spot truly caters to all different dietary needs. And what makes Sassy Spoon remarkable is its unbeatable combination of unique flavors, high-quality ingredients, and keto-friendly options.

Brasa Rotisserie

As someone who follows a keto diet, I know how difficult it can be to find flavorful meals that fit within the dietary restrictions. However, Brasa Rotisserie has become my go-to restaurant for satisfying and hearty dishes that don’t stray from my eating plan.

One of the main draws of Brasa Rotisserie is its commitment to using quality organic and locally sourced ingredients. Their meats are cooked to perfection through rotisserie cooking- slow roasted over hardwood charcoal without any added carbs or sugar. The result is juicy and perfectly tender picks like their famous rotisserie chicken that feels indulgent yet totally “keto-friendly.”

But there’s more than just meat on the menu! Brasa Rotisserie offers plenty of delicious sides that pack in vital nutrients such as sautéed greens or roasted broccoli- both full of fiber, essential minerals, and vitamins needed by our bodies.

What impressed me most about this spot was their attention to dietary restrictions. Whether you’re gluten-free or have other allergens they offer tailored options throughout their menu, making dining out worry-free. Make sure your server knows your preferences before ordering.

In sum, Brasa Rotisserie provides more than just scrumptious eats – fantastic ambiance atop nutritional values mean it’s an ideal destination for anyone looking for a well-rounded dining experience while following keto in Minneapolis!


Hey there, if you’re on the hunt for delectable keto-friendly meals, look no further than Barbette. This charming French-style bistro has got you covered with an intriguing all-day menu that draws inspiration from traditional French cuisine. Trust me; your taste buds are in for a ride!

To name a few low-carb options, the steak frites and escargots in garlic butter with bacon bits are absolutely worth checking out. Not only are these dishes rich in exquisite flavors, but they also pack quite a nutritional punch.

When it comes to ambience, Barbette offers a cozy patio seating area where you can relax and unwind while enjoying your meal. It’s what summer dreams are made of! And let’s not forget their extensive wine list to elevate your dining experience even further.

What makes this eatery stand out is its exceptional service quality – the staff goes above and beyond to make sure each visitor feels welcomed and taken care of.

For something light yet flavorful, give their tuna tartare or beet salad a go as an appetizer before digging into any meat-based dish on the menu.

Last but not least – dessert time! Treat yourself post-meal to their divine dark chocolate mousse that strikes just the right balance between sweetness and nutritional compliance with your dieting goals.

Good Earth

When it comes to dining out, finding a restaurant that caters to your dietary restrictions can be a real challenge. If you’re following the keto diet or just trying to eat healthily, it’s essential to choose a restaurant that offers delicious low-carb options. The Good Earth has been providing healthy eating options long before it was trendy.

Upon walking into the Good Earth, you’ll be welcomed by the warm and earthy atmosphere that immediately puts you at ease. The rustic decor coupled with soft lighting feels like an invitation into someone’s cozy home kitchen. However, don’t let the welcoming ambiance deceive you because their menu is packed with seriously nutritionally valuable foods.

The menus contain farm-to-table dishes featuring seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmers whenever possible – making this a great place for those who value organic food and care about knowing where their meals come from.

If you’re looking for Keto-friendly foods, look no further than their gluten-free cauliflower crust pizza topped with fresh veggies and homemade apple-maple chicken sausage – every bite promises taste without compromise on healthiness!

You will appreciate how they go above and beyond in creating flavor-packed dishes without going overkill on carbs or sugar content– It’s why locals adore both breakfast and lunchtime treats such as their roasted beet salad or poached eggs served alongside salsa verde loaded with healthy fats—filled avocado bits.

It’s evident that “Healthful Eating” doesn’t have to equate boring flavors—you’ll still be able to satisfy any craving while keeping within your diet goals thanks to restaurants like Good Earth provenance of low-carb goodness!

Birchwood Cafe

I can confidently recommend The Birchwood Cafe in Minneapolis as the ultimate destination for a low-carb and high-fat feast. This eatery prides itself on serving sustainable and organic food that enriches both your taste buds and health.

You’re spoilt for choice with Birchwood Cafe’s breakfast menu, which features scrumptious egg dishes complemented with protein-packed meat options. For lunch or dinner, nothing beats their mouth-watering salads made from freshly harvested greens served alongside juicy grilled chicken or salmon.

Moreover, Birchwood Cafe caters to vegetarians – their roasted beet salad and hearty vegetable soup are certain to leave you sufficiently nourished and satisfied. Trust me; you’ll want to try the plant-based “Impossible Burger,” a delicious treat that artfully mimics real meat sans any animal byproducts.

Wait! There’s more – the restaurant boasts an impressive selection of herbal teas guaranteed to help you relax after battling cold winds throughout the day.

Birchwood Cafe is dedicated to promoting healthy farming practices by sourcing ingredients directly from local farmers. Eating here leaves you feeling good both inside out – fueled up while helping support the community!

World Street Kitchen

Craving an international feast? I’ve got the ideal keto-friendly joint for you – World Street Kitchen. This dining hotspot blends global cuisine with its distinct spin. They whip up fusion dishes such as their Korean BBQ beef tacos and falafel burgers, which replaces wheat buns with almond flour ones.

But trust me, you don’t want to miss out on their must-try Bangkok burrito bowl; it blends jasmine rice, chicken or tofu, tahini slaw and spicy peanut sauce for a mouth-watering treat. If you’re after a light yet flavorsome option, go for their cauliflower fried rice boasting mushrooms and shishito peppers.

What makes this restaurant stand out is its commitment to utilizing organic ingredients and grass-fed meats to encourage sustainable eating habits. Plus, every dish gets prepared fresh daily in-house so that you get top-notch quality and taste. The staff here are also incredibly accommodating – they’ll customize your order according to your dietary restrictions.

As if that’s not enough, World Street Kitchen boasts a vibrant ambiance that effortlessly complements their bold flavors – it’s no wonder why it’s one of Minneapolis’ hottest restaurants. Overall, if you’re following a keto diet or seeking new culinary delights, World Street Kitchen with its exceptional food quality and inviting setting should be high on your list!

Common Roots

After sampling cuisines from a plethora of restaurants, I can say that Common Roots is one to add to your keto restaurant bucket list. You’ll experience an assortment of flavors and textures in every plate while still sticking to your low-carb lifestyle. This minimalist eatery prides itself on working with organic ingredients sourced from local farmers, so you know you’re getting fresh meals through and through.

From vegan salads to protein-rich entrees, Common Roots’ menu has plenty of options catering to different dietary restrictions, including keto. One dish that stands out is their lamb burger topped with creamy feta cheese – it’s juicy and flavorful without being carb-intensive. They also offer breakfast options like chorizo omelets served with a side salad instead of hash browns or toast.

The ambience at the restaurant complements its food excellently; wooden chairs paired with communal tables set up a cozy and inviting space for enjoying delicious meals in the company of friends or acquaintances who share similar culinary preferences.

Moreover, their staff is incredibly mindful of each customer’s individual needs and preferences regarding allergies or dietary restrictions. They make sure that each order is customized accordingly so that everyone leaves satisfied.

In summary, if you’re looking for an upscale dining spot but want to keep things healthy and low-carb-friendly, head over to Common Roots today!

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