Keto-Friendly Nashville Restaurants

Welcome to Nashville, the Music City! Whether you’re a resident or visitor looking for a healthier dining experience, you’ve come to the right place. As much as Nashville is known for its hot chicken and southern-style barbecue, there’s plenty of keto-friendly restaurants that offer delicious healthier options. Finding what works and discovering new places can be tricky, especially when it comes to finding meals without high-carbohydrate contents but without compromising taste buds’ flair. This guide will take you through some of the best keto-friendly restaurants in Nashville so that dining out while keeping your healthy diet becomes more accessible than ever before. From bakeries offering gluten-free delights to Latin street food-inspired cuisine and locally sourced farm-to-table options, these eateries have got your back. So whether you’re trying to stay in Ketosis or looking for a low carbohydrate lifestyle change – read on!

Healthy Body Bakery

If you’re a keto eater in Nashville looking for some yummy treats, Healthy Body Bakery is definitely worth checking out! Their low-carb, gluten-free baked goods and snacks are absolutely delicious and made with only the freshest ingredients.

Their star item is hands-down their creamy, rich keto cheesecake, but I also highly recommend their egg bites and gluten-free waffles for breakfast. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, they have a range of pastries including muffins and scones that are free from artificial sweeteners.

For those in need of high-fat/calorie snacks with minimal protein & carbohydrate content yet not overly sweetened options; Healthy body bakery offers Fat Bombs which are highly recommended among customers. They also have a Keto Nutella with fewer carbs than standard Nutella options.

The staff at Healthy Body Bakery know all about the ins and outs of keto diets – if you have any dietary restrictions or need help coming up with meal plans that align with your lifestyle, they’re happy to give you personalized assistance.

All in all, I can confidently say that Healthy Body Bakery provides some seriously scrumptious body-friendly food options whether it be snack time or when indulging in an occasional dessert fix!

Pinewood Social

I have discovered a delightful dining spot in Nashville that hits all the right notes for satisfying my keto requirements – Pinewood Social. Their menu is a treasure trove of dishes crafted with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Among their popular offerings are the Grilled Chicken Club, accompanied by crispy bacon, avocado, tomato, lettuce on a bed of greens instead of bread; and the flavorful Chopped Steak Plate served with herb butter atop roasted root veggies.

Fortunately, Pinewood Social’s selection extends beyond fantastic fare and caters to various drink preferences too. Be it handcrafted cocktails or non-alcoholic beverages like kombucha or cold-pressed juices – diversity is abundant at this charming restaurant.

Comfortable interiors make for cozy yet modern settings suitable for any occasion – from breakfast before work to evening galas. Furthermore, their brunch spread boats an array of enticing keto-friendly alternatives like classic eggs Benedict sans English muffin or Avocado Toast on gluten-free bread.

In short, Pinewood Social excels in providing lip-smacking keto-compliant delicacies without sacrificing ambiance – an ideal location to satisfy macro-counting diners in lively Nashville!


I’m thrilled to report that Nashville’s Graze restaurant has a keto-friendly menu that packs a flavorful punch. The ingredients are always fresh and locally sourced, meaning you can indulge without compromising your commitment to wholesome eating.

Forgoing carbs doesn’t mean settling for bland options – Graze ensures maximum tastiness with dishes including their namesake Graze Salad; vibrant mixed greens laced with avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese and golden lemon vinaigrette.

If savory sustenance is what you’re after, the Grass-fed Beef Meatballs served with whipped cauliflower and mushroom gravy will not disappoint. For pescatarians, the Grilled Scottish Salmon comes accompanied by roasted Brussels sprouts and sweet potato hash plated artfully with drizzles of balsamic reduction.

For dessert (yes please!), consider some unique takes on classics like Chocolate Mousse made with avocados and coconut cream or Vanilla Chia Pudding crowned perfectly with berries and nuts. Rest assured – there’s something here for everyone regardless of dietary restrictions. Keto dieters rejoice!

Peg Leg Porker

Hey there! If you’re looking for an excellent keto-friendly barbecue spot in Nashville, Peg Leg Porker should be on your list. I mean it, this place offers some of the best smoked meats around. From juicy ribs to succulent pulled pork, these dishes are perfect for those who are following a low-carb diet. Plus, their meat plates come with plenty of sides that can be modified according to your dietary needs.

One dish that you shouldn’t miss is their smoked chicken wings – they’re so good! You can even slather them in buffalo sauce if you’re feeling a bit adventurous. Another must-try is their handmade sausage that’s made fresh daily at the location. Trust me; it’s worth coming back just for the brisket jalapeño cheddar or hot guts flavors.

Oh, and don’t forget about their full-service bar serving up drinks crafted from locally-sourced ingredients and bourbon from Tennessee distilleries. But, please avoid high carb beers and sugary cocktails if you want to stay true to your low-carb lifestyle!

Overall, Peg Leg Porker has a laid-back atmosphere combined with top-notch barbecue that’ll surely satisfy your cravings while still being kind to your waistline.

The Southern

Are you a foodie looking for Southern cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds? Then The Southern is the place to be! This Nashville restaurant promises irresistibly juicy fried chicken and perfectly seasoned collard greens with a sweet and sour flavor blend that will leave your mouth watering.

What makes The Southern stand out is their commitment to using only fresh, locally sourced ingredients. You can taste the care put into every dish prepared by their expert culinary team with each delicious bite – it’s like music in your mouth. Peruse through the menu as you sip from their tall glass of homemade lemonade or Arnold Palmer, where classic soul food dishes such as black-eyed peas with okra converge harmoniously with healthy-oriented vegetarian and gluten-free entrees.

The atmosphere at The Southern completes the experience, setting cool vibes that create an ambiance suitable for intimate evening dates beside a cozy fireplace or productive lunchtime business meetings. Altogether, these factors make The Southern an unbeatable culinary locale – no wonder it ranks high on Nashville’s list of Keto-Friendly Restaurants!

Edley’s Bar-B-Que

Edley’s Bar-B-Que is a must-visit keto-friendly restaurant when in Nashville. This charming southern spot offers an incredible and diverse menu of smoked meats, fresh salads, and scrumptious sides – all perfect for keeping to your low-carb diet goals.

Start your meal with their famous wings – dry-rubbed in spicy seasoning and smoked to perfection. For the main course, opt for their melt-in-your-mouth brisket or succulent pulled pork served with a side of crunchy coleslaw or grilled vegetables. Edley’s also offers delicious keto-friendly burgers loaded with toppings like bacon, avocado, and cheese (just skip on the bun).

Their versatile menu caters to all dietary requirements so that you can bring friends who have gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan lifestyles without any worry about finding something they can eat too.

A fun fact: Edley’s even has its’ own line of sauces available for purchase – so you can enjoy the flavor even after leaving Nashville!

Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Hopdoddy Burger Bar is a great option for individuals who like to indulge in burgers, without compromising on their diet. This restaurant offers customizable options that cater to your dietary needs, particularly if you are following the ketogenic diet. Hopdoddy’s menu includes grass-fed beef, chicken, and bison and allows customers to substitute their burgers with lettuce wraps instead of traditional buns.

Moreover, Hopdoddy Burger Bar has plenty of keto-friendly sides such as Parmesan truffle fries or Brussels sprouts. You can also enjoy craft beer or cocktails while dining in this cozy environment.

In addition to being health-conscious, Hopdoddy’s also believes in environmentally sustainable practices by using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. With its selection of delicious burgers and commitment to healthy living standards, it’s no wonder why Hopdoddy is one of the top choices for those committed to eating clean and still relishing a juicy burger!

Butcher & Bee

As a self-proclaimed food aficionado always on the lookout for novel dining destinations, I was thrilled to stumble upon Butcher & Bee in Nashville. This farm-to-table spot is perfect for health-conscious individuals like me who follow a keto diet. The moment I entered this charming eatery, I felt that it would be an unparalleled gustatory escapade.

Upon glancing through the menu at Butcher & Bee, what captivated my attention were the intricate and refined flavors of every dish. It is clear that each item on their menu has been thoughtfully prepared with locally sourced and fresh ingredients. Every bite invoked unexpected combinations of savory and sweet notes, delighting my palate with nuanced flavors.

Another remarkable thing about Butcher & Bee is their sincerity towards sustainable practices. As someone who holds high esteem for eco-friendliness, I was relieved to know about their conscientious efforts to decrease waste by composting and recycling. They also collaborate with local farms in obtaining morally-sourced products.

Atmosphere plays a considerable role in this dining experience too – at Butcher & Bee it certainly does not fall short! The staff’s amiability made us feel as though we were part of an elite community where sparkling conversation and delicious cuisine collide. I heartily recommend this gem to any keto dietary followers seeking creatively flavored dishes made from sustainably-sourced ingredients served up by affable staff while staying true to your health goals!

Check out Butcher & Bee today!

Calypso Cafe

As someone who’s always on the lookout for a delicious and nutritious meal, I couldn’t resist checking out Calypso Cafe. And boy was I happy that I did! With their impressive selection of dishes made with fresh veggies and lean proteins, even us vegans can be satisfied. Plus, the prices were surprisingly reasonable considering the quality and portions.

I found myself struggling to choose between their Jamaican-style jerk chicken or their black bean quesadillas – both of which left my mouth watering! And when it came time to eat, there was ample seating inside and outside to enjoy the beautiful Nashville scenery while dining in comfort.

What sets Calypso Cafe apart is their emphasis on healthy yet flavorful meals. You won’t find any bland options here! If you’re looking for a new spot to satisfy your taste buds while keeping up with your healthy eating goals, then definitely add Calypso Cafe to your list.


Tavern is not your typical restaurant, but rather a modern pub with a welcoming ambiance. It’s an ideal location that caters to carb-conscious residents and tourists alike, looking for tasty (and keto-friendly) foods in Nashville.

When it comes to their food choices, Tavern offers ketogenic options like blackened salmon salad with goat cheese crumbles, pecans, blueberries and avocado served on top of mixed greens. They also serve grilled chicken Caesar salad which can be customized without croutons or paired with low-carb dressing.

Their juicy Bar Burger could also match up well with the keto diet through modifications such as choosing lettuce wrap instead of a bun. Plus they offer fries substituted with green beans cooked in olive oil for an alternative side dish option.

By accommodating various dietary needs, Tavern is proving its determination to deliver quality service beyond customers expectations while satisfying their cravings at all times. If you’re looking for delicious healthy meals in Nashville from one of the best restaurants around town? Make sure Tavern is on top of your list!

Henrietta Red

If you’re on the hunt for a keto-friendly restaurant with an upscale and intimate atmosphere, look no further than Henrietta Red. The seafood-focused menu boasts an impressive selection of both protein and vegetable options, so rest assured that you won’t go hungry.

Think simplicity is boring? Think again! Each dish here showcases unique flavors and techniques that are sure to keep your taste buds entertained. Although everything on the menu is top-notch, the raw bar section deserves special mention. From oysters sourced from various regions to shellfish platters, this spot knows how to do raw food justice. If you’re not feeling uncooked cuisine, opt for cooked options like lobster bisque or roasted fish paired with a delightful variety of vegetables and tangy sauces.

What truly sets Henrietta Red apart from other restaurants is its flavor pairings. For example, they serve smoked trout dip blended with pickled ghost peppers and grapefruit marmalade atop crispy sourdough bread or roasted carrots sprinkled with fermented plum butter over sunchoke puree. These unexpected mixtures leave us questioning our assumptions about every flavor profile before we actually try them ourselves.

Now let’s talk about drinks! You’ll be happy to hear that there are plenty of low-carb cocktails available at Henrietta Red. For instance, revisit childhood favorites in a more adult manner by trying out “Garden Spritz” composed of cucumber soda water infused with herbaceous flavors or sip on “Opening Night”, a sparkling wine cocktail mixed together with cognac and bittersweet liqueur served up in a flute-inspired glass.

All in all, dining at Henrietta Red isn’t just about eating; it’s about discovering new taste sensations orchestrated into memorable yet familiar combinations that leave us oddly satisfied but also constantly anticipating what’s next.

Kawai Poké Co.

When it comes to satisfying my cravings while staying true to a low-carb diet, finding the perfect restaurant can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s where Kawai Poké Co. comes in: their customizable bowls and fresh ingredients make sticking to keto-friendly options an absolute breeze. With toppings that vary from spicy mayo to ponzu, I love being able to create the perfect bowl that suits both my taste buds and dietary needs.

But what really leaves me feeling good about dining at this Nashville hotspot is their dedication towards sustainability. From utilizing compostable packaging to sourcing locally whenever possible, Kawai Poké Co.’s menu reflects a deep appreciation for not just our health but also environmental wellness. Every bite of creamy avocado or tender tuna helps support our local community – and I couldn’t be happier knowing that my meal is nourishing all around!

Why settle for having to choose between delicious taste and healthy eating when you can have both? Get your fill at Kawai Poké Co.!

The Wild Cow

Hey there! If you’re like me and you enjoy vegan or vegetarian food, then look no further than The Wild Cow. They’ve got a menu loaded with options that are perfect for those who follow keto diets too.

One of my personal favorites is their “Greens & Beans” dish – it’s a healthy combo of sautéed kale and cannellini beans all topped with their fresh tomato chutney. Or, if you’re into something spicier, try out the “Buffalo Beans” option where they take roasted buffalo cauliflower tossed in zesty buffalo sauce accompanied by black beans, avocado salsa verde, and queso fresco (if desired) on a bed of rice.

If you’re looking for something deliciously filling, give their “Wild Rice Bowl” a go. It’s served on cooked brown rice alongside seasoned black beans, green leafy veggies, shredded carrots and topped off with avocado salsa verde and your choice of protein – either tofu or tempeh!

Oh, and don’t worry if you have any dietary restrictions; all meals can be customized to cater to gluten-free diets and other needs.

Not only is the food totally satisfying but the overall vibe makes it an ideal spot for any night out – without putting a dent in your wallet!


I recently discovered Peninsula, a seafood haven in the heart of Nashville that offers scrumptious and nourishing keto-friendly options. With an exceptional reputation for their top-notch service, quality dishes, and unbeatable ambiance, it’s no surprise why this restaurant is a local hotspot.

For those following a keto diet, Peninsula offers plenty of delectable seafood dishes that won’t sabotage your progress. Whether you’re craving oysters on the half shell or octopus ceviche with grapefruit segments and fried capers, their menu has something for everyone. My personal favorites include the smoked trout rillette and salmon tartar with yuzu vinaigrette.

What sets Peninsula apart from other restaurants is their dedication to sourcing locally grown ingredients. The chefs only use seasonal produce to highlight each dish’s unique flavors – try the grilled cobia with fava beans and green garlic or mahi-mahi with purple sweet potatoes to see what I mean!

But it doesn’t stop there: Peninsula boasts an impressive wine selection that pairs perfectly with each dish. Whether you’re seeking healthy yet flavorful meals or simply looking for your next foodie adventure, Peninsula has got you covered!

The Pharmacy

The Pharmacy is more than your average burger joint. This Nashville restaurant takes pride in its locally sourced ingredients and unique Bavarian-inspired menu. While their specialty is the Pharmacy Burger, a mouthwatering creation topped with caramelized onions, Tennessee cheddar cheese, and bacon, they also offer keto-friendly options for health-conscious patrons.

One example of a keto-friendly option at The Pharmacy is their Bavarian Pretzel Salad. Made with mixed greens, walnuts, feta cheese, and homemade vinaigrette dressing served atop a warm pretzel bun, this salad will satisfy any craving without ruining your diet.

Moreover, their Tofu Bowl contains fresh vegetables like carrots and bok choy over a bed of fluffy quinoa; all drizzled in homemade Asian sauce. It’s low-carb and has almost 20 grams of protein per serving making it an absolute delight for anyone following a keto diet.

At The Pharmacy bar you’ll find several handcrafted cocktails to pair with your meal such as the Alpenglow made from gin infused with red currant berries violet flowers or the aptly named Low Carb Margarita – a delicious combination of tequila lime juice orange liqueur agave nectar and soda water that won’t break ketosis!

Overall if you’re looking for something beyond standard keto fare The Pharmacy should be on top of your list when exploring Nashville cuisine options!

Greko Greek Street Food

Greko Greek Street Food is one of the highly recommended keto-friendly restaurants in Nashville. If you love Greek cuisine and are on a strict low-carb diet, then this place must be on your list. It serves authentic and delicious food that aligns with your dietary requirements.

Their menu offers plenty of low-carb options such as Lamb meatballs, Souvlaki chicken skewers, roasted cauliflower, fresh salads, and many more tasty dishes. Greko’s famous dish “The Spartan” is keto-friendly too; it includes lamb or chicken served over greens with pickled onions and feta cheese.

With an open kitchen concept, you can see the chefs prepare the food from scratch. Everything is made using high-quality ingredients to ensure customers enjoy every bite without feeling guilty about their choices.

Not just for keto-dieters but everyone visiting Nashville should try this restaurant for its unique atmosphere since it will give you an unforgettable experience while enjoying healthy options that suit even people with specific diets.

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