7 Keto Restaurants in NYC

Over the past several years the keto lifestyle has shown a steady increase in popularity among modern health-conscious enthusiasts, taking its rightful place next to vegan, paleo, gluten-free and other far-famed diets.

Although it’s yet challenging to find an exclusively keto-focused restaurant, it would be a fallacy to think that keto people never eat out. They sure do, and most importantly, a megapolis like New York City has many options to offer even to a keto foodie.

We’ve studied up the best keto restaurants in NYC to give you some ideas on how to eat a fully keto-friendly meal out in the Big Apple.

#1 Il Corallo Trattoria

Il Corallo Trattoria offers an authentic atmosphere of rustic Italy in the middle of Lower Manhattan. Missing pasta on keto? They can replace it with angel hair-ish zucchini noodles, making a traditional Italian dish a genuine keto-friendly option. A large selection of low carb antipasti and salads will complement your meal with perfection.

Tip: when replacing pasta with zucchini noodles, opt for a denser cream-based sauce like Sausage Alfredo.

ilcorallotrattoria.com | Menu | Phone: (212) 941-7119
Price range: $11–30, mid-ranged

#2 Keens Steakhouse

“Keen’s English Chop House, at 72 West Thirty-sixth Street, served its 1,000,000th mutton chop last night with a colorful ceremony” — The New York Times, 1935.

That’s not a mistake. Albert Keen’s Steakhouse has been serving high-quality steaks since 1885. Ravenous for gourmet meals? Give Keens’ Legendary Mutton Chop a try, because these guys know how to cook a decent lamb. Aside from that, there’s a variety of keto-friendly traditional steaks, salads, and sides.

A three-course keto-lunch in the dimed old-school atmosphere of Keens’ would cost you about $70–100. Unique story, incredible ambiance, delicious kitchen — are they worth it? Over a thousand five-stars yelp’s reviews say they are.

keens.com | Menu | Phone: (212) 947-3636
Price range: $11–30, mid-ranged

#3 Donburiya

“A hidden gem and great place for a low-key midtown lunch”, this authentic Japanese restaurant offers a number of keto-friendly seafood meals. “Crab omlet in hot pan”, “saba shio”, “hokke” — if you’re curious what the last two options are, you can get them for about $11 each. Well, for those who are already chomping at the bit — these are deliciously grilled mackerels.

Eating keto is easy in Donburiya — simply avoid rice, noodles and sweet sauces when you go for seafood. If you like meat though, you might opt for “gyu-harami ninniku shoyu yaki” or “nanka e kamo !?”. Can you guess what these are?


donburiyany.com | Menu | Phone: (212) 980-7909
Price range: $11–30, mid-ranged

#4 BarBacon Hell’s Kitchen

If there was a Nobel prize for cooking, this place would’ve certainly gotten it. Isn’t it genius to incorporate bacon into every dish, including drinks?!

Here’s the deal. For $14 you get Brussels Sprouts with Vietnamese glaze, bacon, Greek yogurt, and crispy shallots, served in a cast iron skillet. For $12 more you get Chicharron Nachos made of bacon with cheddar, guacamole, and sour cream. If that’s not enough, for an additional $22 you get the Bacos Sausage Platter, which includes three homemade sausages with pickles and a set of sauces.

There’re more keto-friendly options here, and yes, every dish contains bacon. If that’s not heaven, then what is?

BarBacon Hell’s Kitchen
barbacon.com | Menu | Phone: (646) 362-0622
Price range: $11–30, mid-ranged

#5 Boqueria

If you seek delicious Spanish food to eat out with a bunch of your friends, this is the right place to go. Your amigos will be shocked at how easy you could reach their plate with your fork — the tables at this vibrant spot are that close together.

That’s handy because the dishes are so huge and the cuisine is so tasty that sharing a plate is nearly a must. Especially when you order a Brunch Feast — four tapas for $39. It might seem pricey, but the size of a portion speaks for itself. And yes, plenty of those tapas are keto-friendly.


boqueriarestaurant.com | Menu | Phone: (646) 760-3806
Price range: $31-60, upscale

#6 Bareburger

It’s hard not to become an expert in “undressing” burgers when you’re doing keto. Those annoying wheat buns, grrr…

No more cutlery, Bareburger is making a Collard Green Wrap revolution in the burger arena. From now on it’s only your bare hands against a fully vestured juicy burger with pork and cheddar. Or any other fillers — there’s an option to create a unique one of your choice.

How much? Replacing buns with collards is free, the rest depends on fillers. In general, a decent keto-friendly burger would cost about $12–14.   

bareburger.com | Menu | Phone: (646) 657-0388
Price range: $11–30, mid-ranged

#7 Grand Lux Cafe

Grand Lux Cafe offers casual cuisine in an elegant but relaxed atmosphere. “Their bacon cheeseburger with broccoli and ranch on the side… I thought I died and went to heaven” — that’s how one Redditor described her feelings after visiting it.

Having a full keto-friendly lunch is easy here. Start with Chicken Lettuce Wraps, follow up with delicious Seafood Salad, and for the main course choose Salmon Three Ways with shiitake mushrooms or Filet Mignon, wood grilled and served with vegetables. Besides these, a variety of dishes will let you stay keto while eating in the cozy atmosphere of Grand Lux Cafe.

Grand Lux Cafe Baby Back Ribs
grandluxcafe.com | Menu | Phone: (516) 741-0096
Price range: $11–30, mid-ranged

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