Keto-Friendly Restaurants in Portland

Being a true-blue foodie, my search for lip-smacking delicacies never ends. My taste buds crave new and distinctive flavors that tantalize them, and I’m always on the lookout for top-notch restaurants serving such dishes. Trying out a fresh meal undoubtedly triggers an adrenaline rush in me, prompting me to discover hidden gems in gastronomic landscapes.

Portland has become my go-to spot when it comes to relishing delectable cuisines. Over time, I’ve had the pleasure of devouring some truly exceptional dishes across the city’s diverse culinary spectrum. From Cultured Caveman’s gluten-free delights oozing with flavorsome goodness to Elk Horn Brewery’s hop-infused dining experience – I’ve compiled quite a list of favorite spots.

But wait – it’s not just food that makes Portland stand out! Some eateries offer unparalleled ambiances worth exploring; be it Laughing Planet Cafe, which radiates community-driven vibes or Fern Kitchen’s intimate yet cozy ambiance- each venue serves up something distinct.

What about those adhering to specific diets like Paleo or Keto? No worries at all! DesiPDX brings authentic Indian cuisine while maintaining its roots in classicism alongside Oh Hello Keto Bakery offering delicious baked goods prepared low-carb style. And if you’re up for fiery wings and irresistible sauces- Toxic Wings is your stop!

Next time you’re struggling with where to head next on your culinary retreat to Portland, don’t stress out! The city has something special for everyone: Pollo Norte’s sumptuous Latin American fare or Verde Cocina en la Perla’s vibrant organic Mexican dishes – beckoning me towards more explorations every day!

Laughing Planet Cafe

When it comes to the age-old saying “laughter is the best medicine,” I have to say, I think Laughing Planet Cafe might have a better cure: delicious and wholesome food. The moment you enter, you’re hit with an electric atmosphere filled with people from all walks of life enjoying their meals. And once you glance over the menu that’s packed full of exciting options – tacos, bowls, salads, soups – it’s tough to pick just one!

What sets Laughing Planet apart from other restaurants is their commitment to fresh ingredients and high-quality sourcing. They put a premium on ethically-sourced animal products while offering plant-based options like tofu and tempeh. Every bite feels pure and revitalizing without sacrificing flavor or variety.

But something else makes this joint stand out: its comfy-first vibes that most eateries aspire for but fail to execute *fingers crossed*. Maybe it stems from doubling as an art gallery featuring local creatives? Or perhaps because their team genuinely wants each customer to enjoy themselves? Regardless of why, believe me when I say this place will leave you grinning ear-to-ear.

As someone who values healthy nutrition and great company (isn’t that everyone?), experiencing both simultaneously feels like paradise. Whatever the occasion may be – a lunch date with colleagues or alone time scribbling in my journal – Laughing Planet Cafe always delivers nothing but goodness!

Mucho Gusto

As a lover of traditional tacos and an advocate for healthy eating, I truly appreciate Mucho Gusto – the amazing Mexican food trailer that operates in Oregon. The best part is that their tacos are delectably tasty and not overly greasy! The menu showcases an array of street tacos mostly comprised of carne asada and al pastor meat options.

The ingredients used at Mucho Gusto are locally sourced from farms within the state, ensuring that each meal is fresh while supporting agriculture to local businesses. They even offer vegetarian taco options for individuals like me who adhere to a vegan diet!

I cannot recommend enough their acclaimed dish, the Chamorro Barbacoa Taco – loaded with tenderly cooked beef topped with onion-cilantro-lime fixings. This dynamic combination perfectly balances sourness and sweetness and will leave your taste buds wanting more!

Looking to complement your meals? No problem! Mucho Gusto offers different side dishes as well including house-made chips served with tantalizing salsa or guacamole; each dish is priced affordably so you can satisfy your cravings without emptying your pockets.

If you’re on a hunt for authentic Mexican fare showcasing sustainable locally sourced ingredients, drop by any of the various locations of Mucho Gusto Food Trailer spread across Oregon!

Stella’s Kitchen

I recently dined at Stella’s Kitchen, a restaurant located in the heart of Portland. From start to finish, my experience there was remarkable – the food and service were exceptional. Their menu is composed of locally sourced, organic ingredients that are both delicious and nourishing.

As a vegan eatery, their most treasured item on the menu is their jackfruit burger. It’s juicy, flavorful, and filling yet still light on your belly. One bite was enough to leave me speechless; it was genuinely one of the best burgers I have ever tasted. Apart from this plant-based delight, I also indulged myself with their hummus platter – a colorful explosion featuring fresh beets and radishes that left me pleasantly surprised.

Despite being predominantly vegan-oriented cuisine, Stella’s Kitchen also features meat options for non-vegans or those seeking protein-rich dishes after an intense workout session. Moreover, they offer extensive gluten-free alternatives that don’t compromise taste while maintaining health.

The atmosphere inside is charmingly inviting due to its indoor/outdoor seating options with cozy furniture arrangements catering for diverse crowds with an ambiance well-suited to either enjoy comfort foods or indulge in happy hour scenes with friends over beers served in mason jars.

Next time you’re in the Portland area craving something exciting or looking for high-quality plant-based alternatives outside your cooking skills repertoire do not forget to step into hidden gem called “Stella’s Kitchen.”

Fern Kitchen

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Fern Kitchen, an exceptional eatery boasting an extensive menu of delectable vegan and vegetarian dishes. What sets this gem apart is their unwavering commitment to sustainability. From composting and recycling efforts to sourcing ingredients from nearby farmers, Fern Kitchen truly walks the talk.

Nestled in a cozy corner, this restaurant provides the perfect setting for everything from family dinners to business meetings; it’s intimate yet unpretentious atmosphere is sure to charm you. Every dish is prepared with meticulous care and attention to detail, ensuring both outstanding quality and flavors you’ll never forget. For brunch lovers, their menu is loaded with tasty alternatives such as savory tofu scrambles or buckwheat pancakes!

If your focus is on healthful choices while savoring every bite, I would highly recommend indulging in a scrumptious avocado toast loaded up with fresh greens atop a slice of multigrain bread! Other notable options include plant-based burgers or salads like roasted beet salad drizzled with apple cider vinaigrette.

Thirsty? Fear not! In addition to fantastic food offerings, Fern Kitchen boasts delightful drink options like kombucha tea or cocktails such as mojitos and Margaritas – adding that extra touch of splendor to your experience.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed by Fern Kitchen’s dedication to environmentally sustainable practices while crafting some seriously fabulous vegan & vegetarian fare – all within a warm welcoming ambiance! So when you’re next in Portland district looking for something special – don’t hesitate – head straight over! Here’s their website if you’d like more information:

Toxic Wings

At Toxic Wings, chicken wings are elevated to an art form with a unique fusion of classic and bold flavors. Their extensive menu offers over 20 different sauces ranging from mild to blazing hot, including creative options such as garlic Parmesan and Jamaican Jerk. Not only do they serve wings, but also burgers, sandwiches, salads, and vegan-friendly items.

One standout item at Toxic Wings is their infamous “Toxic Challenge.” This challenge involves eating six wings coated with one of the restaurant’s hottest sauces in under four minutes without any drinks or napkins. Those brave enough to complete the challenge receive a free T-shirt. However, proceed with caution as many have tried and failed.

With their fun atmosphere and flavorful food options, Toxic Wings is a must-try for wing aficionados looking for something daring yet delicious. Don’t forget that each bite of their mouth-watering wings can be paired perfectly with one of the local craft beers on tap!

Dick’s Kitchen & Dick’s Primal Burger

Step into the world of a local eatery that values healthy food alternatives: Dick’s Kitchen & Dick’s Primal Burger. Since their founding in 2011, they have been tirelessly dedicated to providing the community with grass-fed beef burgers and other high-quality meats. The best part? Most of their menu items are locally or regionally sourced, guaranteeing that every bite is fresh and environmentally friendly.

What sets this joint apart from others is their use of unique ingredients such as bison, elk, and lamb – bringing an out-of-the-box flavor experience to diners. Not only that but many dishes feature organic veggies delivering loads of nutrient-packed goodness.

The primal burger deserves an honorable mention; made entirely from grass-fed beef mixed with bacon for added texture and flavor. As if that wasn’t enough- it’s topped with aioli sauce which serves up a punchy savory taste when combined with the juicy meaty patty.

Whether indulging in your paleo diet restrictions or trying new foods without sacrificing health requirements – Dick’s Kitchen & primal burger offers monthly seasonal specials to cater to even the most diverse palette! And let’s not forget their focus on sustainability; through using exotic meats and sustainable produce you can enjoy delicious cuisine knowing you’re contributing towards maintaining ethical practices.

Pop by Dick’s Kitchen & Primal Burger today folks!

Oh, Hello Keto Bakery

Hello there! I want to share with you about my latest discovery, the Oh, Hello Keto Bakery situated in the lovely city of Portland. This bakery has a focus on providing delectable baked goods for people who choose keto diets as their healthy lifestyle. A perfect alternative to regular bakeries that pack on sugar and carbs that are not ideal for our diet.

I must say that what caught my attention is their dedication to using only premium ingredients creating treats that don’t compromise taste or quality. They have an extensive menu offering different options such as muffins, cupcakes, waffles, bread, cakes- sweet or savory alike. My top picks from this spot include the blueberry lemon loaf cake and breakfast sandwiches served either on a biscuit or chaffle (a cheese-egg combo).

What I love most about Oh, Hello Keto Bakery is their excellent customer service; every person they serve leaves with satisfaction and a smile on their face. Undoubtedly, it sets them apart from other bakeries within the area.

In conclusion, Oh hello Bakery is a hit amongst its customers due to its commitment to producing extraordinary flavors without sacrificing healthful diets like ours. Trust me; each item will leave you craving for more!


If you’re a fan of Indian food, DesiPDX is an absolute must-try. Their food truck takes traditional Indian spices and combines them with Pacific Northwest ingredients for a unique and flavorful experience. Trust me – it’s worth tracking down their location on their website.

The curries at DesiPDX are made fresh with top-quality ingredients, from classic chicken tikka masala to creamy butter chicken, and all served with your choice of basmati rice or warm naan bread. But what really sets DesiPDX apart from other Indian spots in Portland are the creative dishes like the “Portland Masala Fries” – crispy fries tossed in chaat masala spices and paired perfectly with tangy tamarind chutney.

Don’t worry vegetarians – there are plenty of options for you too! The “Samosa Chaat” is a popular street food dish made with samosas topped off by chickpeas, yogurt, tamarind chutney, mint chutney, onions, and tomatoes.

Not only is the food fantastic but also casual dining allows us to relax and take in the friendly service that they offer… I love eating here during lunch breaks when time is short as orders are quickly prepped. Next time you’re craving some authentic yet innovative Indian cuisine then do add DesiPDX to your list of recommended eatery places in Portland!

Zilla Sake

If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine and drinks, then Zilla Sake is the destination for you! Situated in Portland’s Central Eastside neighborhood, this hot spot showcases a modern design that oozes sophistication and elegance – I loved it!

When it comes to the menu, they’ve nailed it with their extensive selection of sake that features varying styles from different regions of Japan. The bottles have been carefully chosen to create an exceptional collection that fully complements their food offering.

Upon recommendations from other patrons, my must-try dish was the tempura served with crispy exteriors and light fluffy insides. It wasn’t only delicious but also presented beautifully.

Alongside top-notch food and drink selection exists a comfortable atmosphere where knowledgeable staff are ready to share what they know about Sake or Japanese culture—their dedication to customer satisfaction sets them apart from others in town.

Looking for an authentic dining experience? Look no further than Zilla Sake. You’ll undoubtedly have an unforgettable meal accompanied by some of the best Japanese beverages available anywhere in Portland—cheers!

Check out their website for more mouthwatering pictures –

Verde Cocina en la Perla

Verde Cocina en la Perla is a restaurant that sets my heart ablaze with love. Having eaten at various Mexican-inspired restaurants, I can confidently say that this one is my favorite. Everything on the menu is crafted from fresh and locally sourced ingredients, which not only tastes divine but also promotes sustainable eating habits.

The moment you step into Verde Cocina en la Perla, your senses are flooded with vibrant colors and enchanting decorations that envelope you in an atmosphere of wonderment and stimulation. Honestly, if a rainbow vomited its vibrant hues all over the walls and furniture, it would look like this place – so mesmerizing!

As for their food offerings – each dish served feels like a masterpiece dished up by culinary gods! For instance, imagine homemade sweet potato chorizo tacos or sautéed vegetables slathered in mole sauce that’s almost too pretty to eat! Every plate looks lively enough to pique your excitement and makes for an Instagram-worthy photo.

Moreover, what pleases me more about Verde Cocina en la Perla is its imaginative cocktail menu featuring audacious combinations such as tequila mixed with hibiscus or mezcal blended with bell pepper juice – who knew drinks could taste SO good?

The overall experience here is different compared to other places in Portland. The thought-provoking dishes offer a modern spin on traditional flavors while maintaining balance thanks to the farm-to-table produce sourced from local farms’ markets. Therefore, wouldn’t you agree that visiting this restaurant isn’t just another dining excursion but rather an extraordinary adventure worth experiencing?

Pollo Norte

Have you heard of Pollo Norte? It’s a Mexican grill restaurant situated in the charming St. Johns neighborhood of Portland, famous for its lip-smacking southern-style Mexican food. Let me tell you about my delightful experience dining at this vibrant eatery where freshly prepared food and speedy and welcoming service made my day.

Pollo Norte offers an extensive menu with options that cater to everyone’s taste buds, ranging from yummy appetizers like chips & salsa to irresistible dishes such as Carne Asada tacos. However, what sealed the deal for me was their specialty- charcoal-grilled chicken marinated in their semisecret spicy recipe that oozes flavorsome juices as soon as I took a bite along with some handcrafted tortillas that tasted straight out of heaven.

But wait, there’s more! What sets Pollo Norte apart from others is that they maintain high-quality service and hygiene at prices affordable to us all- now that’s a rare combination worth savoring.

In conclusion, if you want to relish authentic Mexican cuisine without depleting your bank account or sacrificing on quality, consider giving Pollo Norte a try and let your taste buds sing with joy!

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