KetoSports KetoCaNa Review


It all started in 2012, when KetoSports, the pioneer of the U.S. exogenous ketones market, introduced their first BHB-ketone product.

Then, over the years of researching and testing, they’ve created KetoCaNa—a BHB ketones supplement in powder form, which jumpstarts your ketosis, boosts your cognitive abilities, and increases your physical performance.

These bold claims are backed up by the ingredients they use. Specifically, by BHB ketones in a form that is believed to be more effective than popular ketone salts that are used by the absolute majority of other manufacturers.

This approach has its pros and cons:


  • More energy per serving.
  • A stronger increase in blood ketones.
  • Higher efficiency.
  • Extra calcium.


  • Potentially stronger side-effects.
  • Sour taste.
  • Higher pricing.

Should you buy it? It depends on what you’re looking for. Our KetoCaNa review will help you make the right choice.

Who Should Buy It

Fundamentally, you can benefit from KetoCaNa in three situations:

  • You are an athlete. Pure ketones are a very fast source of fuel and can significantly increase your performance.
  • You want to increase your mental clarity. Ketones are a natural way to fuel your brain. If you start losing focus, taking exogenous BHBs can improve the situation.
  • You want to jumpstart ketosis. Normally, getting into ketosis might take up to several days. With KetoCaNa, you can get into ketosis in just half an hour.

In addition, if you cheated and want to restart your ketosis asap, it will help you. Otherwise, and if you don’t relate to any of those three situations, it won’t be that useful.  

Features and Benefits

Now let’s describe everything we’ve just mentioned in more detail.

The Ingredients

The front is for marketing, but the real truth lies right behind it, on the back label. Let’s see what they’ve got:

  • Beta-hydroxybutyrate, or BHB. This is your body’s favorite ketone body, which it uses to produce energy in the absence of glucose.
  • Calcium and sodium. The manufacturing process requires BHBs to be bound to a mineral, hence these two. Since they are essential for your body, this is totally a win-win combo.
  • Citric acid. As the name suggests, it occurs naturally in citrus fruits and is responsible for a well-known citrus flavor. Also, citric acid plays an important role in human metabolism.
  • Stevia, which is a natural sugar-free sweetener derived from Stevia rebaudiana plant species.

All the ingredients are natural and healthy, and all the benefits stem from them.

The Benefits

As I said, the benefits stem from the ingredients, but little did I say that certain benefits stem from the lack of certain ingredients.

For example, I really appreciate that they don’t add MCT oil to their recipe like many other manufacturers do. Yes, MCTs are great but my body just doesn’t tolerate them as good as it should, and having an upset stomach is not the best thing in the world.

I’m really conscious about eating only natural ingredients whenever possible, and I like that they don’t put in artificial fillers. I started keto because I wanted to fix my health by eating an organic and healthy diet, and I would like to keep it that way.

Now, let’s look at the benefits that stem from the ingredients:

  1. KetoCaNa improves physical performance. Naturally, the most time-consuming part of burning fat for energy is converting it into ketones. And because your body doesn’t store too many ketones, you utilize them pretty quickly during periods of intense physical activity. Getting them exogenously works miracles, as is pretty evident for anyone who’s ever tried doing it.
  2. KetoCaNa improves mental focus. The logic behind this resembles that of the previous paragraph. Your brain requires fuel to be effective, and the more intensely you use it, the more fuel it takes to work efficiently. Producing ketones endogenously might be not enough to support periods of really intense brain activity.
  3. KetoCaNa puts you back into ketosis right away. Let’s say yesterday was pizza night, and you have sinned. You’ve already been following keto for a period of time and your brain asks for ketones, but you still have those glucose molecules floating around your bloodstream. What’s the solution? Exogenous ketones.
  4. KetoCaNa helps fight keto flu. Keto flu symptoms usually occur during the initial stage of following keto, and sometimes they happen because you already spent all the glucose but your body hasn’t yet learned how to produce enough ketones. Getting them exogenously might help you get rid of those unpleasant symptoms.

One more great feature of KetoCaNa, as they proudly boast, is that one serving has at least 11.7g of pure BHB. In comparison with many other ketone salts that have less than 7g of pure BHBs but mask it under the term “total salts,” this is impressive.

I’ve already mentioned that they use stevia as a sweetener and that I like it because it’s natural. However, if you’ve ever tried stevia, you most likely already have one question stuck in your mind:

Oh god, how does KetoCaNa taste?

The Taste

As of today, KetoCaNa comes in three different flavors: vanilla creme, natural orange, and strawberry lemonade.

The bad news comes first—the natural orange flavor tastes nothing like fresh natural orange at all. Imagine the worst orange in the world: unripe but old at the same time, the one that was picked way too early and then left to rot in the darkest corner of a kitchen cabinet.

It would taste much, much better.

In fact, even mandarine juice tastes like heaven compared to KetoCaNa natural orange, and god I hate mandarine juice. I wouldn’t have a problem if they called it “fake orange,” but natural orange… Come on, guys, who are you going to trick? Someone who’s never seen an orange in their life?

As surprising as it may be, strawberry lemonade is actually good. It doesn’t leave such an unpleasant aftertaste, and you might even like it if you like sour things in general. It basically tastes like a very tart lemonade.

As for how the vanilla creme tastes, it’s the newest one and I haven’t tried it yet. So far, there’s nothing to say.

Frankly speaking, there’s no such thing as an exogenous ketone supplement with a great taste yet, so KetoCaNa is doing quite well in the competition. By the way, it tastes better than it smells, so don’t hesitate to take the first sip.

Does KetoCaNa Actually Work?

No doubt, it does. I mean, you don’t question that a glass of water works in terms of quenching your thirst, do you? Since it provides the exact nutrient you needed, H2O, there’s nothing to talk about.

On keto, your body burns ketones for energy. Most of the ketones (about 80%) it burns are BHB ketones. KetoCaNa provides you the exact nutrient your body asks for, BHB ketones. Is there anything to debate?

The Possible Side-Effects

Science isn’t yet aware of any exclusive side-effects that suddenly appear after combining the previously mentioned ingredients together.

In other words, there’s no such thing as specific KetoCaNa side-effects.

However, each of the ingredients may potentially cause trouble. For example, some people are allergic to citrus fruits, and others don’t tolerate stevia. But if you’re one of them, you should already know about it.

However, one common side-effect exists, but it’s linked to transitioning to ketosis in general rather than to drinking KetoCaNa. If your body isn’t used to utilizing ketones yet, they might cause a variety of GI-related issues: bloating, diarrhea, nausea, gassiness, and so on.

BTW, in such a case, changing a supplement won’t help at all because the problem lies beneath the nutrition label. You just have to suffer through it until your body adapts.

Also, you can mitigate such side-effects if you know how to use the supplement properly.

How to Use KetoCaNa

The instructions say that you have to vigorously stir a serving into eight ounces of cold water for best results.

There’s a good reason for this. Let’s break it down just a little bit.

Everyone knows the same dish tastes differently if served at different temperatures. For example, the exact same ice cream tastes sweeter when it’s warmer. The water should be cold simply because it improves the taste, and if you read the corresponding section, you know you will want to improve it.

The eight ounces are only because they make the concentration optimal. Again, this is also because of the taste, and you will definitely want to follow the instructions.

Since the water is cold, stirring vigorously is crucial to dissolve the powder. If it isn’t dissolved well enough, it might result in stronger GI upset. Which, so to speak, is already a risk.

Typically, GI upset symptoms subside after several servings. And here’s a trick—you don’t have to put in the whole serving when first trying KetoCaNa. Start with a half or even one third and increase it gradually.

Not only will it help you acclimate faster—it will literally save you from “diarrheaing away” your hard-earned money.

It’s especially important since KetoCaNa resides on the pricier end, and resides fairly. How do I know?

You’ll see.

The Social Proof

I know you’re not obligated to believe my review. After all, one person’s opinion is just an opinion, no more.

But hundreds of similar opinions is a tendency. And here’s how it looks:

pasted image 0 6

“Top quality and the best taste”. Given that this review is about the orange citrus flavor, it’s impressive.

pasted image 0 7

“This product is an amazing tool…” I sign each and every word. KetoCaNa is a tool, and if you know how to use it, you’ll be excited about it.

pasted image 0 8

“Little less expensive versions did not work as well as this.” Of course, they didn’t. In such a competitive market, higher prices don’t just spring out of seller’s humid dreams—they have good reasoning behind them. Minus one star for taste seems fair, especially if you expected it to resemble fresh orange juice.

To be honest, many one-star reviews exist too, but all of them are either due to bad taste or due to various GI issues. If you’ve read the article from the very beginning, you’re not surprised.

After all, BHB ketones are jet fuel, and jet fuel is for jets and mustn’t taste like orange juice.

Final Thoughts

KetoCaNa is not another useless dud—it’s the sharpest knife. Try hammering nails with it, and you’ll be disappointed.

If you’re dead serious about keto and have been doing it for years, you don’t need it. Maybe just in case of emergency, say, a pineapple pizza party.

If you keep falling off the bandwagon every other week, KetoCaNa will help you jump back faster. Of course, your priority should probably be to figure out how to stop falling off, but until you do, why not use a decent tool to get back asap, right?

If you’re an athlete, especially a competing one, a sharp knife would be handy. I mean, of course, exogenous ketones. Pardon me my miserable metaphors.

Last but not least, if you’re brand new to keto, or just want to experience what it feels like to have high blood ketones, KetoCaNa is exactly what you need. Its BHB ketone concentration is superior in comparison with the absolute majority of other supplements.

Overall, KetoCaNa is great, but it’s only great if you know what you’re doing. If you want to give it a try, here is the link.

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