Little Caesars Keto Diet Guide

Can you eat Little Caesars on a Keto diet?

As someone following a ketogenic diet, dining out can be quite the challenge. But fear not! It may surprise you to learn that there are several keto-friendly options at Little Caesars. Despite their traditional pizza crusts being high in carbs, there are alternative crust options and toppings available that can make your meal more manageable.

For example, why not try their delicious thin crust pizza with vegetable toppings? A great low-carb option that won’t ruin your hard work towards achieving ketosis. If you’re in the mood for something other than pizza, don’t worry – they also have keto-approved entrees like wings or Caesar dips. When ordering wings, simply stick to dry rub instead of sauce to keep the sugar content at bay.

But the real showstopper is their new Keto Cheese Crust Pizza – a heavenly creation made without any traditional dough and instead using cheese as its base layer! Trust us when we say this will easily become one of your favorite meals on the menu.

To make sure you stay on track while still indulging in all this deliciousness, our blog has outlined some helpful tips below. With these tricks in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy every bite without jeopardizing your progress towards ketosis!

Keto Options at Little Caesars

Hey guys, if you’re like me and following a keto diet, you understand the struggle of finding delicious food options that fit your meal plan. Lucky for us, Little Caesars has got our back with a few low-carb entrees and pizzas.

For starters, their Caesar Wings come in Plain with Hot Sauce or Garlic Parmesan flavor – both containing 0 grams of carbs per serving and high in protein. As we know, getting enough protein is essential for us keto-followers.

Another must-try item is their Italian Cheese Bread without sauce; it’s an excellent source of protein while being low in carbohydrates – perfect for those who enjoy snacking lightly but guilt-free!

And don’t even get me started on the Keto Crust Pizza! It’s a unique variation of Little Caesar’s classic pies that contains only 6g net carbs per slice. Treat yourself to this pizza when craving strikes without worrying about exceeding your daily carb intake limits. Plus, these slices pack enough calories to balance out your meal plan.

When placing your order from Little Caesars, remember to avoid traditional crusts (because they are loaded with carbs) and unhealthy sauces whenever possible. Eating healthily can be enjoyable if you know precisely what options are available to you!

Lowest Carb Items

As a devoted follower of a low-carb or keto diet, it can be tiresome to scour every menu in search of suitable options while dining out. Fear not, at Little Caesars, you can rest assured that there are some delectable low-carb items on the menu that will appease your appetite without compromising your commitment.

Their Italian Cheese Bread is one of their most sought-after and lowest carb items. This heavenly appetizer has everything you could wish for – crusty bread, luscious melted cheese, and savory pepperoni; all the while staying true to your low-carb lifestyle.

If you’re craving something other than the classic pizza offerings, give their Caesar Wings a try! These tender chicken wings come with the same tangy flavor as Crazy Bread but without guilty feelings weighing heavy in your conscience.

The Caesar Dipper Pizza is another crowd-pleaser – brimming with mozzarella cheese and creamy garlic parmesan sauce served atop crispy crust; guaranteeing satisfaction for your pizza cravings.

Little Caesars also caters to salad lovers by offering individual-sized salads made with fresh ingredients such as romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber; customization options include adding grilled chicken or bacon bits to increase protein intake.

Overall, it’s safe to say that when it comes to savoring delicious food at Little Caesars without worrying about jeopardizing our keto goals – there are multiple tempting choices available.

Keto Entrees at Little Caesars

When you’re on a keto diet, finding options for your main course can become quite confusing. Lucky for you, Little Caesars has got your back! While they may not have an extensive list of keto entrees, the ones that they do offer are simply irresistible. From their juicy wings to their flavor-packed salads, Little Caesars is the place to be if you’re looking to indulge in something delectable yet low-carb.

One thing you need to keep in mind while ordering at Little Caesars is portion control. Salads might seem like a healthy and safe option but be wary of dressings! They can add up quickly and ruin all the effort and hard work that you’ve put into maintaining your lifestyle choices. Stick with oil-based or vinegar dressings to keep the calorie count under control.

If salads aren’t satiating enough for you, then Little Caesars’ wings will most certainly impress. Those crispy beauties are just oozing with flavor and perfectly complemented by their range of sauces such as buffalo hot or garlic parmesan. Add them to your meal or have them as a snack – either way, these wings won’t disappoint.

Got a craving for meat? Then look no further than the Italian Sausage! With its rich deliciousness coupled with zero guilt from carbs this flavorful pizza topping has just 1 carb per serving making it hands down one of best keto-friendly topping out there!

Simply put, there’s plenty of variety at Little Caesars when it comes to filling up on some tasty entrees during your keto journey – You don’t always need everything There’s Power In Simplicity so stick with tried and true classics: A decently sized salad loaded with veggies served alongside finger-licking-crispy-wings is all that required sometimes among other things which we’ll surely go through ahead in our subsequent sections. b Keep scrolling!

Keto Pizzas at Little Caesars

Little Caesars doesn’t have a dedicated Keto pizza on their menu, but they do offer some options that fit within the guidelines of a Ketogenic diet. When it comes to ordering from Little Caesars on a Keto diet, choosing toppings wisely is key.

One option is to order a cheese pizza and then pile on low-carb toppings such as grilled chicken, beef or sausage.

Another good choice might be the Hula Hawaiian Pineapple Pizza because pineapple has healthy enzymes that can aid digestion while still being relatively low in carbs compared to other fruit (but remember to ask for no crust – more information below!).

If you’re someone who enjoys vegetables on your pizza, go with toppings like onions, peppers or mushrooms that tend to be lower in carbs. Avoid starchy veggies like potatoes or corn.

It’s important to note though that even these keto-friendly pizzas aren’t completely free of carbs – so make sure you pair them with another high-fat food item or only eat them in moderation as part of your daily carb intake.

Remember, when ordering at Little Caesars opt for protein-packed toppings and say no thanks to any breaded meat options such as wings or large servings of breadsticks.

What to avoid at Little Caesars

Hey there, fellow keto enthusiasts! If you’re planning on dining at Little Caesars while still sticking to your low-carb, high-fat lifestyle, there are a few things you should keep in mind. While they may not have an extensive keto-friendly menu, there are still some delicious options that’ll satisfy your cravings without sabotaging your ketosis.

Let’s start with the obvious: breadsticks. As tempting as they may be (I mean, who can resist freshly baked bread?), these carb-heavy sticks are a strict no-no. They’re laden with gluten and carbs that could easily surpass your daily carb allowance and kick you right out of ketosis.

But we have good news too! Little Caesars offers some tasty sauces to go with their pizza slices or wings. Unfortunately, sweet chili sauce or BBQ sauce won’t make the cut since sugar is one of the major food groups keto dieters need to avoid like the plague. These sauces add unnecessary calories and get in the way of achieving weight loss goals.

And let’s not forget about those dipping sauces! As much as we love them for adding flavor and zing to our meals, many of them are also loaded with carbs-one batch could derail all the hard work you’ve put into maintaining those ketogenic macros. Keep an eye out for dips like ranch or blue cheese dip which might look innocent but are actually full of sneaky carbs!

You want to eat well while staying true to your health objectives-right? Taking care of what goes into our bodies is part of living our best lives after all. With these tips tucked away in your back pocket (or saved on your phone), now you know how to make informed choices when grabbing grub from Little Caesars – pizza included!

Tips for Ordering at Little Caesars

When ordering Little Caesars on a keto diet, it’s important to keep a few things in mind so you can stay within your macro goals. First and foremost, I always check the nutrition info for each item before clicking that order button. It helps me track my carb and calorie intake with accuracy – which is crucial.

When it comes to toppings, I go for pepperoni, bacon, sausage, chicken or beef rather than high-carb options like pineapple or onions. I also avoid any breaded items like wings or tenders that would add unnecessary carbs to my meal.

If I’m craving pizza, I opt for one of their keto-friendly crusts like their thin crust pizza which has fewer carbs than traditional ones. You can even request no sauce if you want to lessen your carb intake further.

It’s easy to overeat low-carb foods as well – a good reminder to keep an eye on portion sizes since they could still kick me out of ketosis if taken in excess.

With these tips by my side (and yours), ordering at Little Caesars on a keto diet won’t be hard nor sacrificial of tasty bites!

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