Can I use polyglycitol as a keto sweetener?


Polyglycitol syrup or hydrogenated starch hydrolysate is a sugar alcohol. It’s used as a food additive to sweeten the final product. Having a glycemic index of 39 polyglycitol is a polyol that will raise your blood glucose levels and kick you out of ketosis. It has 3 calories per gram and 25-50% sweetness of sucrose.

If you decide to consume polyglycitol even after reading the above information, you should know the following. In a human study the main adverse effect from polyglycitol syrup was GI distress. It occurred  at bolus doses equivalent to 1 gram of polyglycitol syrup per kg of body weight consumed during 3 days.

Breakfast  cereals, pastries, cakes and  biscuits, are the most important  potential sources of polyglycitol syrup (>10%). If you follow the keto diet, you’ve already eliminated such food from your diet so you shouldn’t worry.

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