It Works! Keto Coffee NoBS Review

More than 50% of Americans over 18 years of age drink coffee every day. If the keto people are uniformly distributed in the US, then every other keto person drinks coffee daily. That’s a lot of keto coffee!

Coffee without any additions is fine for keto. On the other hand, it’s your chance to sneak some fat such as butter or MCT oil. That’s already more work than just making a cup of coffee.

It Works Keto Coffee is trying to simplify this process for you. How? Use a powdered coffee as a base, add MCT oil, collagen and butter powders.

As you can see it is not rocket science. Anyone can do it at home given all the ingredients. Unless you are short on time or being lazy. Treat it as an instant version of bulletproof coffee with collagen powder.

The price per serving is around $3. At first glance, it seems overpriced but keep in mind that 9 out of 15 grams is MCT and butter powder. They are not cheap ingredients so it’s not a ripoff like many people imagine.

I understand that people have different tastes. But I can’t tolerate granulated coffee. It’s like comparing tea from a bag to leaf tea.

Many people complain about the product’s flavor, stomach aches, and diarrhea. I can’t confirm any of these statements. Eventually, it’s up to you to decide if It Works! Keto Coffee deserves its chance to be in your morning routine.

The company standing behind the product makes loud marketing claims about its features. But to be honest, they can be made about any keto-designed product. Because they are all about keto benefits. Drinking It Works Keto Coffee without being fat-adapted can actually be bad for you. The fat content brings a lot of calories on board and can prevent you from losing weight.

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