What Cereal Can You Have on Keto

Cereal is a beloved breakfast option for many people, but traditional cereals are typically high in carbohydrates and sugars, making them incompatible with a ketogenic diet. However, thanks to the growing popularity of the keto lifestyle, several brands have developed keto-friendly cereal options that cater to those following a low-carb, high-fat eating plan. These cereals are specifically formulated to be low in net carbs while still providing a satisfying crunch and delicious flavors.

In this article, we will explore some of the best keto cereal options available on the market today. From familiar brands like Kashi and Nature’s Path to innovative offerings from Wonderworks and Schoolyard Snacks, there is something for every taste preference. We’ll delve into their nutritional profiles, ingredients lists, and even share some honest reviews from keto enthusiasts who have put these cereals to the test.

So whether you’re looking for a sweet indulgence like Julian Bakery’s ProGranola or craving something more savory like Poop Like a Champion Cereal (yes, you read that right), we’ve got you covered with an extensive list of tasty keto cereal options that will keep your macro counts in check without sacrificing flavor or enjoyment. Let’s dive in!

Wonderworks Keto Friendly Cereal

Wonderworks Keto Friendly Cereal offers a delicious and healthy option for those following a ketogenic diet. This cereal is specifically designed to be low in carbs and high in fat, making it the perfect choice for reducing your carb intake while still enjoying a tasty breakfast treat.

One of the standout flavors from Wonderworks is the Cinnamon Almond Crunch. This delightful blend of cinnamon, almond, and crunch provides a satisfying texture and flavor that will keep you coming back for more. With no added sugar and only 3 grams of net carbs per serving, you can indulge in this keto-friendly cereal without guilt.

What sets Wonderworks apart from regular cereal is its focus on using wholesome ingredients without any artificial additives. Each ingredient is carefully selected to provide maximum nutrition while keeping net carb count low. So you can enjoy this fruity and flavorful keto cereal knowing that it contains no artificial ingredients or added sugars.

If you’re on the lookout for a mouthwatering and nutritious keto-friendly cereal, Wonderworks should definitely be on your radar. Their lineup of flavors ensures there’s something to suit everyone’s taste preferences. Make sure to try out their Cinnamon Bun flavor as well – it’s another crowd favorite!

Wholesome Provisions Protein Cereal

Are you following a keto lifestyle? If so, look no further than Wholesome Provisions Protein Cereal for a delicious and nutritious option. This cereal is not your average breakfast choice – it’s packed with an impressive [amount of protein] grams of protein per serving, which is great for those looking to up their protein game. Starting your day with this cereal is sure to set you off on the right foot.

But that’s not all – Wholesome Provisions Protein Cereal also wins in the low-carb and low-sugar department. With just [net carbs] grams of net carbs per serving, this cereal won’t throw off your ketosis or hinder your efforts to reduce carb intake. You can enjoy a bowlful of this tasty cereal guilt-free.

And let’s talk about the ingredients in this exceptional cereal. Wholesome Provisions Protein Cereal is made with goodness like [nut seed] and [chia flax] seeds that contribute to its high protein content and provide those essential nutrients your body needs. It’s sweetened naturally with stevia and monk fruit – no added sugar or artificial sweeteners here!

You don’t have to trade taste for nutrition when it comes to Wholesome Provisions Protein Cereal. It offers a satisfying crunch, delightful natural flavors, and pairs perfectly with low-carb milk alternatives like almond milk or coconut milk. So if you’re searching for a filling breakfast option that aligns with your dietary goals, give Wholesome Provisions Protein Cereal a chance. Your body will thank you!

Kashi GO Keto Friendly Cereal

In search of a scrumptious and nourishing option for my keto lifestyle, I stumbled upon the delightful Kashi GO Keto Friendly Cereal. This cereal offers a wide array of flavors that never fails to satisfy my morning cravings while keeping me energized throughout the day. With only 2 grams of net carbs per serving, it perfectly aligns with my low-carb diet goals. What sets Kashi GO Keto Friendly Cereal apart is its use of whole food ingredients like navy bean flour, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. These wholesome components not only provide vital nutrients but also add a satisfying crunch to each bite. Whether you’re committed to the keto diet or simply on the lookout for a healthier alternative to standard cereals, I highly recommend giving Kashi GO Keto Friendly Cereal a try. To delve deeper into this marvelous creation and discover why it has become a cherished breakfast choice among countless keto enthusiasts, continue reading here!

NUCO Coconut Crunch

NUCO Coconut Crunch is absolutely delightful and full of flavor, guaranteeing a unique and tasty twist to your morning meal. Packed with wholesome ingredients, this cereal is an outstanding choice for individuals embracing a low-carb or ketogenic diet.

Unlike many cereals on the market, NUCO Coconut Crunch boasts a mere 6 grams of net carbs per serving, making it ideal for those seeking to limit their carbohydrate intake. Additionally, it’s packed with fiber – a generous 8 grams of dietary fiber per serving – which helps regulate blood sugar levels and promotes a satisfying sensation of fullness.

Importantly, NUCO Coconut Crunch contains no artificial colors or flavors. Instead, it harnesses the delightful natural sweetener called monk fruit extract to provide just the right amount of sweetness without compromising sugar content.

Moreover, NUCO Coconut Crunch is both gluten-free and grain-free – wonderful news for individuals with sensitivities to gluten and grains. Rest easy knowing that this delicious cereal can be enjoyed without any concerns for those who need to steer clear of these specific ingredients.

With its exquisite coconut flavor and gratifying crunch factor, NUCO Coconut Crunch serves as the perfect alternative to traditional cereals brimming with excessive sugar and carbs. Whether you’re in need of a quick breakfast solution or a scrumptious snack during the day, this keto-friendly cereal will unquestionably satisfy your cravings while keeping you firmly on course towards achieving your health goals.

Poop Like a Champion Cereal

If you’re on a quest for a cereal that not only adheres to the principles of the keto diet but also takes your digestion to the next level, then look no further than Poop Like a Champion Cereal. This exceptional and slightly eccentric cereal lives up to its name by offering a fiber-packed breakfast option that promotes optimal digestive health. Crafted with whole foods including wheat, bean flour, mung bean, and coconut seed; this cereal boasts an impressive 25 grams of fiber per serving. It’s worth noting that despite its inclusion of ingredients like chia seed, flaxseed, and sesame seed, Poop Like a Champion is actually gluten-free and grain-free. So starting your day off with a bowl of this high-fiber goodness will not only leave you feeling satisfied but also aid in promoting regularity for a cheerful gut.

Keto and Co. Hot Breakfast

Keto and Co. Hot Breakfast is my absolute favorite breakfast option while following the keto diet. Not only is it incredibly delicious, but it also provides the warmth and comfort that I crave in the morning. What sets this hot cereal apart is its incredible versatility. I can prepare it just like traditional oatmeal by adding hot water or milk, or I can get creative and use it as a base for other mouthwatering keto-friendly breakfast recipes.

The best part? Keto and Co. Hot Breakfast is made with whole food ingredients, ensuring that I start my day off right with a satisfying and nutritious meal. It’s truly customizable to suit my taste preferences – whether I’m in the mood for a creamy texture or a heartier consistency.

I truly appreciate how Keto and Co. Hot Breakfast takes my dietary goals into account without sacrificing flavor. With only 4 grams of net carbs per serving, this hot cereal allows me to minimize my carb intake while still enjoying a hearty breakfast to fuel my day. Plus, it’s gluten-free, grain-free, and free from any artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Let’s talk about flavor options! Keto and Co. Hot Breakfast offers three irresistible flavors: maple brown sugar, strawberry shortcake, and cinnamon spice. Each one provides a unique taste experience that satisfies my cravings while keeping me on track with my keto lifestyle.

In conclusion, Keto and Co. Hot Breakfast has become an absolute staple in my keto pantry for good reason. It ticks all the boxes – convenience, versatility, great taste – making it an ideal choice for those busy mornings or lazy weekends when I want a comforting start to the day without compromising on my dietary goals.

Julian Bakery ProGranola

When it comes to finding a cereal that fits perfectly into your keto diet, Julian Bakery ProGranola is the top pick among health-conscious individuals. With just 3.5 grams of net carbs per serving, this delightful cereal allows you to indulge in your love for breakfast without compromising your low-carb lifestyle. Packed with nourishing and natural ingredients like nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, each bowl of ProGranola boasts an impressive 17 grams of protein and 12 grams of fiber. Plus, it’s infused with MCT oil, which not only keeps you satiated but also provides a steady stream of energy throughout the day. The flavor choices are extensive, ranging from the rich tones of dark chocolate to the invigorating crunch of cinnamon almond. Whether you seek a mouthwatering morning meal or crave a satisfying snack, Julian Bakery ProGranola has formulated something specially designed for you – nutritious and keto-friendly at its finest!

Three Wishes Cereal

When following a keto diet, finding a healthy alternative to traditional cereals can be challenging. That’s why Three Wishes Cereal has become a popular choice among keto dieters like myself. With just three simple ingredients – chickpeas, pea protein, and tapioca flour – it’s the perfect breakfast option that fits into my low-carb, high-fat requirements.

What sets Three Wishes Cereal apart is its incredibly low carb content. Each serving contains only 110 calories and a mere 8 grams of net carbs. That means I can enjoy a delicious bowl of cereal without compromising my carbohydrate intake.

But it’s not just about the numbers – taste and texture matter too. Luckily, Three Wishes Cereal delivers on both fronts. It comes in three delightful flavors: Cinnamon, Honey, and Unsweetened. The best part is that none of them have added sugar or artificial sweeteners! So now I can savor the familiar and satisfying taste of my childhood cereals guilt-free.

With its clean ingredient list and numerous nutritional benefits, Three Wishes Cereal truly is an excellent choice for keto dieters like myself who still long for that morning bowl of cereal while staying on track with our dietary goals. Whether I decide to pair it with almond milk or use it as a topping for my yogurt or smoothie bowls, Three Wishes Cereal gives me a tasty and fulfilling start to each day.

Lark Ellen Farm Granola

I absolutely love Lark Ellen Farm Granola as a keto-friendly cereal option. It’s got all the nutritious and wholesome ingredients that I crave while I stay in ketosis. The best part? This granola has an incredibly low net carb content, so it won’t throw off my macros – only 5 grams of net carbs per serving!

What I really appreciate about Lark Ellen Farm Granola is the high-quality seeds, nuts, and coconut flakes that they use. Not only do these ingredients provide essential healthy fats and fiber, but they are also chosen carefully to maximize flavor and nutritional value. And the best part? There are no added sugars or artificial sweeteners! Instead, they’ve added just the right amount of natural ingredients like cinnamon and vanilla to give it a hint of sweetness.

But the benefits don’t stop there! Lark Ellen Farm Granola is not only delicious, but it also keeps me feeling full and satisfied throughout the day because of its combination of healthy fats and fiber. And let’s not forget about the important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that this granola provides for overall well-being.

Whether I’m in need of a quick breakfast option or a crunchy topping for my yogurt or smoothie bowls, Lark Ellen Farm Granola fits perfectly into my keto lifestyle. Just make sure to check the nutrition information on each product as flavors may vary slightly when it comes to net carb content.

In conclusion, Lark Ellen Farm Granola is the perfect alternative to traditional cereals with its delicious taste and low net carb count. With its blend of high-quality seeds, nuts, and coconut flakes, it truly offers optimum health benefits. Start your day off right with this keto-friendly granolae28094trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Snackhouse Puffs Keto Cereal

Snackhouse Puffs is a truly marvelous keto-friendly cereal option that fulfills your cravings while guiding you towards your low-carb way of life. These puffs serve as an excellent substitute to traditional, sugar-laden cereals and provide an utterly scrumptious guilt-free treat.

One of the standout aspects of Snackhouse Puffs is their astonishingly low carb content, containing fewer than 5 grams per serving. As a result, those adhering to a keto diet can revel in these delectable cereal puffs without fretting about jeopardizing their ketosis.

The extraordinary ingredients used to craft these keto-friendly cereal puffs include impeccable quality elements like coconut meat, almond flour, and mung bean flour. Unlike numerous other keto cereals available in the market, Snackhouse Puffs are completely devoid of any artificial sweeteners or processed food additives. Instead, they are endowed with natural sweeteners such as cinnamon and vanilla which lend them an irresistibly pleasant flavor capable of satisfying all your breakfast longings.

In addition to being low in carbs, Snackhouse Puffs also offer a notable protein content compared to alternative cereal choices. This renders them an admirable choice for individuals seeking to augment their protein intake and remain satiated for extended periods throughout the day.

Whether you prefer devouring them straight out of the bag for a speedy snack or incorporating them into a bowl brimming with Greek yogurt or milk substitute, Snackhouse Puffs grants you three enthralling flavors – fruity peanut butter, dark chocolate peanut butter cluster, and cinnamon pecan – all guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds beyond belief.

Hence, if you find yourself on the pursuit for crispy and flavorsome keto-friendly cereals that do not compromise your carbohydrate count or overall health objectives, it is absolutely prudent to give Snackhouse Puffs a whirl. Obtain yourself a box now and continue reading further to explore additional options for fulfilling keto cereals!

Nature’s Path Organic Keto Cereal

If you’re on a ketogenic diet, Nature’s Path Organic Keto Cereal is an excellent choice for you. Not only does it taste amazing, but it’s also low in carbs and packed with protein, making it a fantastic alternative to typical cereals. Each serving of Nature’s Path Organic Keto Cereal contains just 11 grams of net carbs and a whopping 16 grams of protein. That means you’ll stay full and satisfied all morning long. The ingredients list boasts grain-free granola, chia seeds, sliced almonds, and other nutritious components that your body will love.

One of the best things about Nature’s Path Organic Keto Cereal is its range of flavors. Whether you prefer the comforting blend of cinnamon vanilla or the delightful combination of chocolate peanut butter fruity, there’s definitely a flavor that will tickle your taste buds just right. So whether you need a reliable breakfast option or want something quick to grab on the go, choosing Nature’s Path Organic Keto Cereal is a great way to kickstart your day while sticking to your keto diet goals.

Schoolyard Snacks Cereal

Schoolyard Snacks is not just any brand of cereal – it’s a game-changer for those on a ketogenic diet. With its delectable flavors and nourishing ingredients, this cereal guarantees both health and taste.

One beloved flavor from Schoolyard Snacks is their Fruity Puffs cereal, which promises all the fruity goodness you crave minus the added sugar. This is an exceptional choice for individuals keeping an eye on their carbohydrate intake.

What makes the Fruity Puffs cereal stand out are its nutritious components. It boasts unsweetened coconut flakes, rich dark cocoa, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, as well as dried berries. Not only do these ingredients contribute to its delightful flavor profile, but they also deliver essential nutrients like healthy fats and antioxidants to your diet.

Additionally, Schoolyard Snacks accommodates those with nut allergies or preferences by offering alternative flavors such as Maple Waffle Honey Graham and Toasted Coconut. They ensure that everyone can find a flavor they’ll truly savor.

What truly separates Schoolyard Snacks from conventional sugary cereals is their commitment to utilizing natural sweeteners instead of sugar or artificial additives. This makes it a superb choice for individuals who aspire to satiate their cravings while staying true to their dietary goals.

Speaking of nutrition, Schoolyard Snacks’ Fruity Puffs cereal contains merely 3g net carbs per serving (based on individual macros). It hits the perfect balance between fulfilling your nutritional needs and indulging in a delicious breakfast treat.

All things considered, Schoolyard Snacks cereal presents an excellent option for those following a ketogenic diet or simply searching for a low-sugar cereal without compromising on flavor or ingredient quality. So why not kickstart your day in the most magnificent way imaginable? Grab yourself some scrumptious and guilt-free Schoolyard Snacks cereal right now!

Catalina Crunch Cereal

Catalina Crunch Cereal has become a go-to choice for those of us who are committed to a keto lifestyle. It’s not hard to see why – these cereals come in a range of delightful flavors and boast a low-carb, high-protein makeup that hits the spot every time I sit down for breakfast. What’s more, Catalina Crunch is made from a blend of ingredients comprising non-GMO pea protein, plant fibers, and chicory root fiber, all contributing to its tantalizing texture and scrumptious taste that won’t weigh me down with guilt.

It’s worth mentioning that each serving of Catalina Crunch contains absolutely zero grams of sugar and is significantly lower in net carbs when compared to your typical cereals. So whether you’re hankering after a classic cinnamon toast flavor or feeling adventurous with something like chocolate banana or mint chocolate, rest assured – Catalina Crunch has got them all covered.

SOLA Granola

I absolutely love SOLA Granola, it’s the perfect option for us keto enthusiasts. Not only is it incredibly delicious, but it’s also packed with so much flavor that makes it an ideal choice for a satisfying breakfast or a tasty snack throughout the day. The best part? It only has 9 grams of carbs per serving, so you don’t have to worry about derailing your ketogenic diet.

What really sets SOLA Granola apart from other options on the market is its exceptional list of ingredients. Each serving is filled with an abundance of nuts like almond and coconut, giving it a fantastic texture and a delightful crunch. And here’s another amazing thing: they use healthier alternatives to traditional sweeteners like allulose and erythritol, which adds just the right amount of sweetness without piling on extra carbs or sugar.

But wait, there’s more! What I find truly impressive about SOLA Granola is its wide range of flavors. Whether you’re in the mood for something fruity like blueberry or strawberry banana nut, or you’re craving a more indulgent taste like chocolate peanut butter or cinnamon toast maple waffle, SOLA has got you covered with their mouthwatering options.

When picking out low-carb cereal that fits our keto lifestyle, we need to be mindful of the net carb content. Well, let me tell you that SOLA Granola knocks it out of the park with only 9 grams of net carbs per serving. This beats many other high-net carb cereals on the market by a long shot. So if you want to indulge in a bowlful of goodness without worrying about kicking yourself out of ketosis, trust me when I say that SOLA Granola should definitely be at the very top of your list.

Key points:

  • Only 9 grams of carbs per serving
  • Exceptional list of ingredients including almonds and coconut
  • Variety of mouthwatering flavors available
  • Low net carb content compared to other cereals

NuTrail Keto Nut Granola

If you’re like me and on a keto diet, you understand the struggle of trying to find a delicious and satisfying crunchy snack that aligns with your nutritional goals. But fear not! NuTrail Keto Nut Granola is here to save the day and delight your taste buds. This incredible low-sugar cereal is packed with nuts and seeds, making it an ideal option for breakfast or snacking.

Let’s talk about flavor first because, let’s be honest, that’s what really matters. NuTrail Keto Nut Granola comes in an array of mouthwatering flavors like chocolate cinnamon toast, maple waffle, honey graham chocolate banana, and fruity peanut butter. Each one provides a unique and delightful experience that will leave you wanting more. And did I mention the crunch? This granola has the perfect texture to keep you feeling full and energized all day long.

Now let’s dive into its incredible nutrition profile. One of the greatest benefits of NuTrail Keto Nut Granola is its low carb content. With only 10 grams of net carbs per serving, it’s a dream come true for those following a keto lifestyle. But that’s not all – this granola is also packed with healthy fats and protein, which are crucial for maintaining ketosis.

What sets NuTrail Keto Nut Granola apart from other options on the market is its dedication to using wholesome ingredients. Traditional granolas are notorious for loading up on sugar and artificial additives – but not this one! Instead, NuTrail Keto Nut Granola sweetens things up naturally with stevia or erythritol (no sugar alcohols here!). Plus, it’s grain-free and gluten-free, making it suitable for individuals with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for a scrumptious low-sugar cereal to satisfy your cravings while staying true to your keto goals, look no further than NuTrail Keto Nut Granola. With its stunning variety of flavors and nutrient-packed ingredients, it’s guaranteed to become a breakfast staple in your pantry! Give it a try – your taste buds will thank you.

Magic Spoon

If you’re on the lookout for a top-notch keto-friendly cereal brand, look no further than Magic Spoon! They have an impressive selection of flavors that will undoubtedly satisfy all your breakfast cravings. What sets Magic Spoon apart from regular cereals is its remarkable protein and fiber content, combined with minimal net carbs. With just 3 grams of net carbs per serving, it’s the ideal substitute for anyone looking to steer clear of high-carb breakfast options. Picture yourself indulging in mouthwatering flavors like Cinnamon Almond Crunch, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Fruity to kickstart your day with a wholesome, delicious meal. Trust me, this keto cereal brand is truly exceptional! To delve deeper into the world of Magic Spoon, simply continue reading here.


What is a keto diet?

A keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that has been shown to help people lose weight. It involves reducing your carb intake and replacing it with fats in order to put your body into a state of ketosis.

Are these cereals suitable for a keto diet?

Yes, all of the cereals listed in this article are keto-friendly. They are low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats, making them a great option for those following a keto diet.

Can I have these cereals for breakfast?

Absolutely! These cereals can be enjoyed as a delicious and satisfying breakfast option on a keto diet. They provide a healthy balance of macronutrients and will keep you feeling full and energized throughout the morning.

Where can I purchase these keto-friendly cereals?

You can purchase these keto-friendly cereals online through various retailers such as Amazon, the official brand websites, and specialty keto stores.

Are there any gluten-free options available?

Yes, many of the cereals listed in this article are gluten-free. Make sure to check the product labels or descriptions to ensure that the cereal you choose is gluten-free if that is a dietary requirement for you.

Can I eat these cereals as a snack?

Absolutely! These cereals can be enjoyed as a crunchy and delicious snack option on a keto diet. They can be eaten on their own or paired with milk alternatives or yogurt for added flavor and texture.

Can I add fruit to these cereals?

While some fruits are lower in carbohydrates and can be included in small quantities on a keto diet, it is important to be mindful of your overall carb intake. If you choose to add fruit to your cereal, opt for berries such as strawberries or blueberries, which tend to be lower in carbs.


In conclusion, when following a keto diet, there are many cereal options to choose from that fit within the low-carb guidelines. Whether you prefer traditional flavors or unique alternatives, there is a keto-friendly cereal out there for you.

Some popular choices include Wonderworks Keto Friendly Cereal that offers a variety of flavors like chocolate peanut butter and fruity dark chocolate cinnamon. Wholesome Provisions Protein Cereal provides high protein and fiber content with flavors such as waffle honey graham and chocolate crunch.

For those looking for grain-free options, NUCO Coconut Crunch is made with ground coconut and coconut water. Three Wishes Cereal is another excellent choice, offering eight flavors and being free of grain and gluten.

Other notable brands like Lakanto Keto Granola, HighKey Protein Cereal, Magic Spoon, and Nature’s Path Organic Keto Cereal provide delicious tasting cereals that are low in sugar and high in healthy ingredients.

When selecting a keto cereal, it’s important to pay attention to the nutrition label. Look for cereals with low net carbs compared to traditional versions and avoid those high in sugar or artificial additives.

Incorporating these keto-friendly cereals into your breakfast routine can help satisfy your cravings while keeping you on track with your weight loss goals. So go ahead and enjoy a bowl of cereal without compromising your ketogenic lifestyle!

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